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Fred Perry x Peter Blake

We talk to the pop artist invited by the British cult brand to re-work the classic polo shirt in their latest Blank Canvas instalment

These days, there's nothing particularly interesting or exclusive with a collaboration where art and fashion meet.... everyone seems to be at it. But, of course, the level of 'cultness' on the artist's side and the credibility of the fashion label varies strongly. It's therefore with joy that we bring you the (short but sweet) sartorial marriage between pop art founder Sir Peter Blake and British subcultural champions Fred Perry.

Allowing the Sgt Pepper's cover art creator to use their iconic polo shirts as a white canvas, Blake true to form used strong colours and graphic symbols to design a capsule range that perfectly captures Blake's love for colourful extravaganza and Fred Perry's ambition to use the Blank Canvas series as a way bringing the work of a master to the masses...

Dazed Digital: How did you get involved with Fred Perry?
Peter Blake:
We were introduced by a mutual friend.
DD: What was your inspiration behind the pieces?

Peter Blake: Pop...
DD: Do you wear Fred Perry yourself otherwise?

Peter Blake: No, sadly I am too fat!
DD: What is it with the brand that you like?
Peter Blake: The [Fred Perry] symbol is the ethos of MOD...
DD: You work with pop art and Fred Perry is subcultural label to a degree, do you have common aesthetic grounds?
Peter Blake: As a prototype MOD in the last 1950s, early 1960s, I wore Fred Perry shirts and painted a similar shirt in my Self Portrait with Badges
DD: There are Union Jacks and other British symbols on the tops, does the collection pay national homage?
Peter Blake: I see the Union Jack in the traditional way of it being a patriotic image...
DD: Have you seen, and liked any of the other Fred Perry Blank Canvas collaborations?

Peter Blake: Yes – I love them!
DD: How would you define the relationship between art and fashion?

Peter Blake: Fashion can be art and art can be fashionable...
DD: What's next for you?
Peter Blake: I am making some jewellery at the moment!