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adidas Exclusive: Caroline Wozniacki is all in

We speak to the WTA women's number one tennis champion as she goes all in for the new adidas campaign alongside the likes of Katy Perry and Baby G

For the A/W11 season, adidas by Stella McCartney will be presented with the rest of the cult sportswear brand's new Womenswear collections in one all out campaign. Featuring the likes of popstar Katy Perry, world tennis champion Caroline Wozniacki, Berlin DJ Baby G, and Chinese actress Li Bing Bing, alongside ballet dancers from Staatballett, and volleyball champion Wei Qiuyue, the campaign brings together the world's most ambitious women in the spheres of sports, music and film. The Stella collection this season is fronted by Wozniacki, the WTA world Number 1, who we speak to out in Monaco about her personal sense of style and why she's going all in...

Dazed Digital: What did you think of the new stella collection?
Caroline Wozniacki:
It’s great! Very nice and I had some input myself, so that was fun. It’s very feminine, I like the frills, and the colours as well.

DD: How would you describe your own style?
Caroline Wozniacki: Feminine but sporty at the same time, both – like to look good both on and off the court, like my dresses, cute little details.

DD: Is there anyone you look up to as influencing your style?
Caroline Wozniacki: Not really too much, I like to have my one style and set the trend myself!

DD: For the new campaign it’s about being ‘All In’ – what does this mean to you?
Caroline Wozniacki:
It was my dream to be one of the best tennis players in the world, I dared to dream big, and gave it my all. I got up early in the morning to work hard everyday, and now I’m living my dream at the moment – so the sky’s the limit.

DD: Is this achievable for all girls?
Caroline Wozniacki: Maybe not Number 1, but everyone can reach their limits and what they want themselves.

DD: Like today, spending a whole day on shoot - how do you feel about performing under the camera? Are you nervous?
Caroline Wozniacki: No, I’m used to it by now, don’t think about it – if I mess up we can just re-shoot it!

DD: As your parents/fam sporty did you know you were always kinda know going to do this?
Caroline Wozniacki: I always knew I was going to do some kind of sports just to get my body moving and get out of – to meet new people that way, I never knew it would be tennis or play on such a high level.

DD: Having travelled a lot – do you have a favourite location to visit? Can you recommend a place there?
Caroline Wozniacki: I really like New York – it’s a really interesting place and there’s always something going on. In particular, the Meat-packing district has great shopping, cafes and bars.

DD: What would you be doing if you weren’t playing tennis.
Caroline Wozniacki: I like acting, design, probably these creative things.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Caroline Wozniacki: The French Open – next grand slam.

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