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Alias at Latitude

London-based jeweller Theo Fennell hits Latitude festival on a hunt for their new faces for sub-line Alias

For the next stop of our Open Road tour for the face of Theo Fennell’s jewellery line, Alias took the Dazed team north of London to Henham Park in Suffolk for Latitude Festival. One of the younger festivals on our tour, Latitude is renowned for its family friendly atmosphere, multi-disciplinary art platforms and infamous rainbow coloured sheep. With something on offer for everyone, it was the perfect place for a weekend of scouting amongst the pick 'n' mix of festival goers for the jewellery brand born from the roots of the free and alternative rock 'n' roll aesthetic.

Like every proper English festival, the bad weather didn’t dampen the party spirit and Dazed were amongst the crowds battling through the rain to catch the likes of Ghostpoet, Gwilym Gold, and Cerebral Ballzy performing at the Lake Stage as the Latitude gondolas floated past. Hidden away in the festival’s forest under a roof top of fairy lights, the Sunrise Tent hosted acts such as Cats Eyes, Jenny and Johnny, Crocodiles, and Gold Panda while Annie Nightingale kicked off the festival's Friday night party with a mix of tracks to suit all tastes. Other acts included Lykke Li, Caribou, Deerhunter, Bright Eyes, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Walkmen, Echo & The Bunnymen, Kele, and Suede to name but a few. To see the best dressed from Latitude and find out more about the Open Road project 'click here'. We caught up with some of our favourites to get the weekend low-down and a few invaluable festival tips...

Dazed Digital: Name?
(1) Jo: Jo Bevan

DD: What do you do?
Jo: I’m a PA.

DD: Your festival must have piece of clothing?
Jo: I would say probably big fuck off boots.

DD: If you were to have an Alias, what would it be?
Jo: I DJ under the name ‘Jo Cliche’, so I guess it would be that.

DD: Word of advice for festival virgins?
Jo: Bring wet wipes. They’re useful for everything.

DD: And where will you be going next year? Any other festivals?
Jo: Next year I’ll probably come here again. I love Latitude, it’s really beautiful. I just love the woods and everything and it has a really relaxed vibe.


Dazed Digital: Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
(2) Tiger: My name is Tiger Deal. Tiger as in ‘Woods’. Deal as in ‘or no deal’. I originally come from Cornwall although all of my family are from London. I currently work for a company called Leisure Support Services who do events and the cleaning and rubbish waste and that here. I’ve just done a stint working at Wimbledon. I play music, I make art, I do my own jewellery and all sorts of crazy things. I play the saxophone, I used to do 2D art but these days I do more 3D stuff. I like making jewellery out of ring pulls.

DD: What’s been your favourite moment of the festival so far?
Tiger: The gondolas.

DD: How have you been dealing with the rain?
Tiger: I’m old school. I’m absolutely fine with it.

DD: What’s your must have piece of clothing for festivals?
Tiger: Waterproofs go without saying but I’d say you’ve got to have some sensible footwear. I’ve chosen military Para-boots cause they’re comfortable, good for working and they don’t really let in much moisture but your feet can also breathe and they don’t get too sweaty.

DD: If you were to have an Alias what would it be?
Tiger: I’ve gone by many Aliases. Ring Pull Ring Mail Suits of Armour Man.

DD: Word of advice for festival virgins?
Tiger: My word of advice is try to do a bit of research on the festival you’re going to and also try and get some experience from a veteran.


Dazed Digital: Tell us a little bit about yourself...
(3) Teddy: I’m Teddy Cundall. I don’t do anything, I’m 16 and I’m from Yorkshire.

DD: So you don’t do anything at all?
Teddy: Not really. I just kind of read books and chill out.

DD: Do it for as long as you can.
Teddy: Yeah. Exactly. The world’s growing and it’s fast. You’ve got a lot of life ahead of you so whatever.

DD: What’s been your favourite festival moment so far?
Teddy: So far probably Bombay Bicycle Club last night, that was awesome. They played an amazing encore, got the bass just right.

DD: Word of advice for festival virgins?
Teddy: Bring loads of booze and don’t be shy.


Dazed Digital: What’s your name? How old are you? What do you do?
(4) Bryony: Hi. I’m Bryony Kimmins and I’m a performance artist. I’ve just finished doing a gig at the Cabaret stage called Seven Day Drunk where I make lots of people in the audience get drunk and then rave with me which is nice. I’m from London and today I’m performing at Ducky’s.

DD: What’s been your favourite festival moment so far?
Bryony: I slipped over and put my knees into the mud which was quite hilarious. My favourite festival moment so far was getting my own trailer and getting to put my make up on and having all my friends there drinking beer. I think tonight’s going to be mega. Ducky’s going to be really good.

DD: What’s your word of advice for festival virgins?
Bryony: Bring wellingtons. Bring something warm but also glamorous. And put lots of make up on.


Dazed Digital: Hey. Tell us a bit about yourselves:
(5) Archie:
My name is Archie, I’m 18 and I’m from Bath. I play music in a band called Clearwood.
(6) Harry: My name’s Harry. I’m 22. I’m originally from Bath but I live in Dalston now in London. I’m an actor and about to do a French film. I speak French but my character’s English so I’m not trying to trick everyone that I’m French. It’s a feature film, shooting in Paris for a month then Lake Como in Italy. It’s going to be glorious, sorted out my summer perfectly for me!

DD: What’s been your best moment of the festival so far?
Harry: I really enjoyed The National last night. They were brilliant, I loved it. Massive sing-a-long for me. Then Ed Sheeran today.

DD: What’s your advice for festival virgins?
Bring your wellies, just in case.
Harry: And be open to any possible experience that might come your way.

DD: What’s your festival must have item of clothing?
Harry: Kate Middleton jumpers. I mean, you’re not going wrong there really, are you?

Photos by: Lucy Carr-Ellison