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Louise Gray X ASOS

The Brit designer's sense of fun and frivolity shines through in her new collaborative collection for the online retailer, featuring quirky characters on gold-plated accessories

Louise Gray's clothes have an unstoppable sense of character. Bold, bright, fun, sexy and strong, over the last couple of years she has cemented the label firmly on schedule at London Fashion Week, earning her a dedicated following. As part of ASOS's ongoing designer collaborative project, ASOS inc, Louise has released her debut jewellery collection, which carries on that punchy attitude and style.

The 22-carat gold plated accessories line combines her signature sense of humour with a luxury quality. Dreaming up strange and quirky little characters for the pieces, the collection features a duck whistle, googley eye earrings, a smiley face bell necklace, French-fries pendent, and more.

Dazed Digital: Is there a thread that ties the jewellery collection together?
Louise Gray: Gold!

DD: Where did the inspiration for the pieces come from?
Louise Gray: It began with charms and then I wanted them to be a larger scale. So there is duck whistle earrings, a smiley face pendant, sunglass wearing sun earrings and lots more - they came from pieces I’d collected at carnivals and all over the place.

DD: Do you have a favourite?
Louise Gray: I love the smiley face bell pendant.

DD: There is a real sense of fun in all of your designs. Where does that come from?
Louise Gray: I think what has been inspiring me is to show people something positive and optimistic about women. I fell like I want to help breed an idea of fun.

DD: As well as your clothing, you also have a footwear collection on its way. Can you tell us a bit about what you have in store?
Louise Gray: I design my footwear with Pollini. I have worked with Nicholas Kirkwood from the beginning, the creative director there.

DD: How would you describe a Louise Gray look?
Louise Gray: Individual, strong, colourful.