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Paul Smith Menswear S/S12

A mature yet modern show emerged from the British designer via colourful jewel prints on shirts amongst more demure burgundy trousers worn with smart leather belts

Sir Paul Smith once again brought his mature yet cool show to town on a sweltering Sunday afternoon. There was a strong blue theme at the show, but still a few colour pieces snuck in; brown trousers, beige coats and orange tops all appeared alongside navy blue shades. Mr Smith indulged in a fair bit of panelling on oth trousers and jackets, allowing a  'normal' suit to come alive with character and energy. Leopard shoes, raspberry-coloured bottoms and burgundy silk anoraks also impressed. Overall there were a good jackets on show at Paul Smith. Sleeveless suit jackets were layered on top of ones with, er, sleeves. And the classic Levis denim jacket style was modernised with wool fabrics and abstract prints. Bomber jackets came so thin it was difficult to tell them apart from knitwear...

Dazed Digital: What was the red thread going through the collection?
Paul Smith:
Often we have a strong theme but there wasn't one this time around. It was just about plain and simple clothes. It was all about pieces that work individually and don't have to be part of a 'look'.

DD: Tell us about the colour choices...
Paul Smith:
There was a big emphasis on the colour blue. We all know black is very popular and last season we did lots of grey but this season we looked towards blue in many different shades, from yves klein blue to darker blue.

DD: What's wrong with stronger colours?
Paul Smith:
There's nothing wrong with them and they look great in magazines and in photographs but when you're actually buying them it's more likely you'll chose something with a bit of longevity... blue is timeless, classic and wearable!

DD: Do you reckon it's summery?
Paul Smith:
Yeah, it's a big reference to blue holiday, blue skies and happiness!

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
Paul Smith:
There are few simple jackets that have very lovely seam details and vertical and horizontal stripes, or the ones with intricate stitching.