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Miharayasuhiro Menswear S/S12

The Japanese designer presented a personal collection where summer t-shirts and jackets were emblazoned with the lyric 'Wish You Were Here' as a reference to his family stranded by the earthquakes

Showing his collection as a presentation this time around, Miharayasuhiro brought a strong and graphic message to Paris for his Spring Summer season. T-shirts and jackets with the song title 'Wish You Were Here' featured throughout as a message from the designer to his family who were stranded in Japan during the recent earthquake/tsunami disaster. As such Miharayasuhiro straight away put a very personal and emotional stamp on his collection and, in a humble sort of way, it mostly focused on darker tones á la grey, black and dark blue.

That's not to say it was a pessimistic collection. On the contrary. The accessory collection were full of humorous trompe l'oeil details on shoes and bags, and a faded camouflage suit paid homage to the rescue personal in Japan. The other big theme was Yasuhiro's T-shirt obsession; many items were made out of T-shirts, and others - like a few rugby shirts, used T-shirt material. Sporty elements shone through and the knitwear was skilfully ripped.

Dazed Digital: So the text on some of the items, 'Wish You Were Here', is from a song right?
Mihara Yasuhiro:
It's a Pink Floyd song, it's one of my favourites.

DD: How did the collection start?
Mihara Yasuhiro: At the time when we started working on it, the disaster in Japan had just happened, so I didn't want to think about fashion, but I thought fashion can be a message, a slogan. And 'Wish You Were Here' is my message to my family, who just got here from Japan.

DD: It's based around T-shirts, why is that?
Mihara Yasuhiro: When I started being interested in fashion I bought punk T-shirts and hardcore punk prints so it's a reference to that.

DD: Tell me a bit about the faded camolflauge and Prince of Wales checked suits...
Mihara Yasuhiro:  Well, messages doesn't have to be slogans, they can be other things as well. The camouflage suit, for example, might have a military image, but for me it represents all the soldiers in Japan helping out after the earthquake. So for me it's a message of hope and helping others. 

DD: Is there a piece that sums up the collection for you?
Mihara Yasuhiro: Yes, there is a jacket made out of T-shirts that says 'Wish You Were Here'. It's very simple in a way but very powerful for me!