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Wooyoungmi Menswear S/S12

The Korean brand showed luxe holiday wear with lots of colour and abstract prints

The Korean design duo has established a niche market for functional yet luxe sportswear, and their S/S12 outing was proof - if needed - that the two sisters master the art of techno fabrics versus skillful cuts and thoughtful detailing. If nothing else, this was the season Wooyoungmi displayed their inner light brightness and pursued their (apparent) love of prints. So far we haven't associated the brand with any of them, but what better way to celebrate summer than with a bit of yellow, red, green and orange, and an array of abstract prints.

But the strong colour palette was counter parted with beige and brown shades, offering the crowd a taste of Wooyoungmi's strong styling skills. Watery wave prints on trench coats, 50s inspired shirt collars, neoprene details, zip V-neck T-shirts, raffia knits and oversized comfort tops all impressed. Structured fabrics featured throughout and Wooyoungmi used them on double breasted jackets, but foremost on short casual jackets and long coats - one of which even came with a bomber jacket collar! On a few waistcoats they regressed back to their pocket-loving days. But - pockets or no pockets - this was a great Spring Summer collection, whether you're in the city or on the beach...

Dazed Digital: What's the main inspiration behind the collection? 
: We thought about a man who went to a resort for his summer vacation. Especially we looked at the men in the film The Talented Mr Ripley.  

DD: So it was like a holiday wear collection, hence the bright colours?
: Yes and also the water print. That came from the sun reflecting through the water. 

DD: There were more prints in general this time around compared to previous seasons - why was that?
We needed more energy and happiness for the summertime.

DD: What were the inspired by?
We looked at jellyfish, weaving and sun in the water.

DD: What piece stands out to you?
 The light but classical suits!