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Krisvanassche Menswear S/S12

Inspired by BMX kids on Santa Monica beach in L.A, the Belgian designer showed oversized polo shirts and pork pie hats and comfortable jersey tailoring

There are a few colours that Kris Van Assche tend to use and he rarely ventures outside of this 'circle of friends', whether it's for a Spring or Winter collection. This time around was no exception and we saw a show full of grey shades, bright white and a strong black. Slim tailoring with cropped trousers and narrow jackets - either in a light or dark grey - came out with surprisingly big polo shirts underneath. Few shirts appeared out and there were no ties in sight.

The polo shirts were buttoned up and tucked in, rendering them a plausible option to shirts. The only few colour injections came on stripey shirts and tops, but this was quickly counterparted by dark jersey bombers and black pork pie hats. A long shirt coat impressed and a general feeling of youthful and sub cultural energy spread through the venue. A stellar KvA outing.

Dazed Digital: What was the general idea behind the collection?
Kris Van Assche:
I came back from Los Angeles and this energy I felt at Santa Monica beach... all these cool guys riding their BMX bikes. They're in their 20s and they look cool but they want to be comfortable. They mix tailoring with sportswear and that to me is the new generation.

DD: So that's where the oversized polo shirts come in?
Kris Van Assche:
Yeah, they're replacing the shirts underneath the suits... they stay cool and formal at the same time!

DD: You used a lot of jersey fabrics for the suits?
Kris Van Assche:
Yes, the trenches and the white suits were jersey. I want my guys to be able to move. I see these guys being 35, wearing this and riding a BMX while still being comfortable!

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the show?
Kris Van Assche:
Look 1, the  grey suit, a polo shirt and glasses. The bags are great as well, they're from our Eastpak collaboration.