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Walter Van Beirendonck Menswear S/S12

A positive message to the world, pastel colours and Erwin Wurm's fantastic art creations characterised the Belgian designer's latest show

As usual Walter Van Beirendonck, the eternal optimist, showed a collection of how the world should look like. Happy, friendly, at peace and content. This was visualised through pastel colours, body paint and humorous shapes. With sleeveless and short sleeves jackets in a myriad of colours and fabric patterns, Van Beirendonck kept everyone alert. And anyone falling asleep was awaken by his 'Dream the world Awake' slogans. The Belgian designer also continued last season's theme of slashing knitwear tops and threw in a few of his classic flying suits, mixed with fairly formal double breasted jackets and bow ties.

Everything from pink and purple to orange and turquoise shades appeared, but all of that was just an appetiser for the final handful of 'looks'. A parade of colourful art installations slash sartorial cocoons made in collaboration with artist Erwin Wurm entered and, as if it was needed, that made sure no one left the show moody or depressed.

Dazed Digital: What was the collection's message?
Walter Van Beirendonck:
It's called Cloud #9 and it's the ultimate state of happiness. That's what I wanted to express in the collection and it's just about beauty. I wanted to show what we don't have in this world at this moment. There's too much violence and aggression going on, and you get depressed by that. This is uplifting and positive because I believe in the future.

DD: Some of the features we recognised from last season...
Walter Van Beirendonck:
Yeah, the slits and the structure are a continuation from last season. 

DD: What were the last few pieces about, the sculpture-like creations....
Walter Van Beirendonck:
They're from a collaboration I have done with the artist Erwin Wurm, they are like art pieces. They are made out of tulle fabric, cut out of thousands of fabrics.

DD: Is it an ongoing collaboration?
Walter Van Beirendonck:
We did a performance together in Antwerp a while back and we're doing another one in August.