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Juun J Menswear S/S12

The Korean designer presents his new collection based around the theme of deviation, which explores 70s beach wear and futurism

Best known for his intricate play on classic Macs, the Korean designer opted for something a tad sexier this season – and developed a line influenced by early 70s beach wear and futurism: white suits paired with gold accessories, hot pant-like shorts, and a bold use of colour. Like a male take on a James Bond heroin, notable pieces included rompersuits, plunging boat necklines and bling. Goldfinger meets Barbarella. We met Juun J. backstage and talked about deviation, beauty and Korea.

Dazed Digital: What is, in a nutshell, the concept behind the collection?
Juun J:
The theme is deviation, I wanted to play with the idea of a strong modification; I wanted to break away from classical notions of beauty, and explore the beauty of modification.

DD: How did you express this through clothes?
Juun J:
I wanted the collection to be both futuristic and modern, whilst remaining minimal and avant-garde.

DD: Where does Korea appear in your clothes?
Juun J:
I think the finale – when all the models came out wearing light raincoats, each in a different, bright colour, is very Korean, something both light, oversized and bright. It is also reminiscent of our traditional costume.

DD: How would you describe the typical Juun J. wearer?
Juun J:
Well, he is a stylish guy I hope!