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D&G Menswear S/S12

Bold prints on luxurious silk fabrics were the look of choice for the Italian design duo, aiming to bring out the daring flamboyance of the modern man's attire

D&G took the idea of the humble silk scarf and ran with it. Using the silk scarf's traditional patterns and prints on every kind of garment you can think of, including suede moccasins, and for their grand finale, a model army clad in printed trunks. The result was a typically fun D&G reinvention of a very traditional item. A variety of big prints in paisley, tiled and crested designs were emblazoned on loosely fitted shirts and trousers, giving a very relaxed silhouette-which it seems is very much an emerging trend out of Milan. Silk was the fabric du jour for the Italian design duo with silky shirts layered with denim and silk trousers finished with denim waistbands in rich blues, reds, yellows and gold worn like a cross between comfortable luxe pyjama bottoms and easy fit, low slung jeans. And of course no summer look would be complete without the uber cool summer straw hat and sunnies. A collection for the flamboyant and daring, D&G definitely are not afraid of embracing boldness into the modern man’s wardrobe.