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Converse Canvas Experiment

The iconic sneaker brand takes creative experimentation to new frontiers with their latest project

The creative people behind the iconic Converse sneaker have come up with an unique way of transforming the much loved footwear into a work of art with the launch of the Canvas Experiment. Taking place throughout May, the Canvas Experiment was bought to life as a 5x4m motorized Chucks wall of about 500 All Stars, both working together and independently, to make a 400kg interactive screen that can display patterns, words and images. With a little help from their friends Converse have showcased their experimentation with music, video games and motion sensors to create something brand new.

Converse have used the project as a way of seeing how far they "can push the boundaries of independence and creativity". But the fun doesn't stop there; three artists will take the Canvas Experiment beyond the wall to showcase their own creations inspired by the notion of a blank canvas. The likes of German street art collective, Mentalgassi, have been getting in on the act, and to check out their stories and see how far creativity can be pushed you can catch the highlights on Converse's blog and their Facebook.