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ASOS: It's Nice That

London-based illustrator Rose Blake teams up with ASOS and It’s Nice That to create a new line of limited edition artwork t-shirts

The duo behind cult website and magazine It’s Nice That, Alex Bec and Will Hudson, have teamed up with online clothes store ASOS to curate a line of t-shirts available as limited editions from today. Selecting ten up and coming British-based artists, across the disciplines of photography and illustration, the broad-range of designs represent a fresh and exciting snapshot of some of the best emerging talent around today. Each artwork is applied to an ASOS t-shirt and sold alongside a print of the original design, exclusive to ASOS for S/S11.

Here we took time out to chat to illustrator Rose Blake, who’s black and white design was inspired by her trips to LA as a young child. Already familiar with creating t-shirts – her own line has gained a worldwide fan base – Blake has also collaborated with independent publishers Nobrow and worked with clients that include the BBC, The Times and Random House. A member of the design collective This Is It, it is incredible to think how she finds any time to fit in studying full time at the Royal College of Art – she is currently working on her final year project. The daughter of renowned Pop Artist Peter Blake, some may unjustly accuse us of nepotism. However Rose Blake is an artist making a name for herself in her own right and proving that some things definitely do run in the family.

Dazed Digital: How did you feel when It’s Nice That approached you to design a t-shirt?
Rose Blake:
Happy. Its always fun to work with It’s Nice That.

DD: What were the first ideas that came to mind when thinking up your design?
Rose Blake: An English breakfast.

DD: Your work is often based on your own experiences – please talk us through the inspiration behind your final design and why you chose to draw about LA?
Rose Blake: I suppose because it reminds me of a really good, exciting time in my life. Also, it is a very visual place.

DD: Are there any other particular people or things that inspire you?
Rose Blake: David Byrne, David Hockney, my friends.

DD: Please explain your drawing process and what materials you used to create this design?
Rose Blake: This was just black ink and Photoshop – very simple!

DD: You have a successful line of your own t-shirts already, how did this project differ?
Rose Blake: Probably only in the size of the image on the shirt, I usually print the images on my own shirts BIG.

DD: Who would be the ideal wearer of one of your t-shirts?
Rose Blake: David Byrne, David Hockney, my friends.

DD: Do you have any future collaborations in the pipeline?
Rose Blake: Hopefully my friend Mike and I are going to do a graphic novel together when we finish RCA. We've written the story, but at the moment we're too busy/scared to do it. I'm slowly working on a book for Duke Press too. Hopefully more this is it stuff. And another really exiting project – but I don't know whether I’m allowed to talk about it yet.

DD: You are graduating from the RCA soon – do you have any plans for when you finish and how is the final project going?
Rose Blake: Hopefully get started on all the above projects. RCA is going terribly, I'm in a really bad place at the moment – really looking forward to finishing!

DD: Can you give us any information on what it’s about or are you keeping it all under wraps for the moment?
Rose Blake: I'm not too sure myself at the moment.

DD: If you could describe your t-shirt for It’s Nice That x ASOS in one line what would it be?
Rose Blake: My t-shirt for It’s Nice That x ASOS is FUN!

The ten It’s Nice That x ASOS t-shirts are designed by Rose Blake, Laura Bird, Rob Matthews, Christopher Smith, Greg Eason, Jean Jullien, Sophie Kern, Laura Palmer, Owen Gatley and Owen Silverwood and available at ASOS from today priced at £25