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Notes on a witch: Handwritten Q&As from NY’s magick believers

Photographer Dana Veraldi captures the witches of New York as they share their thoughts on magick

Welcome to Witch Week, a campaign dedicated to exploring how witchcraft, magick and beauty intersect. Discover photo stories shot featuring real witches in NYC, a modern reimagining of the witch, and one witch’s mission to get a tan, as well as in-depth features exploring herbology, science and alchemy, and male witches. Elsewhere, we’ve created four special covers to celebrate the campaign and our one year anniversary – something wicked this way comes.

“Magic to me is having faith in the unknown. It is putting your trust and belief into some unseen forces. To me, magic is everywhere.”

What does magick mean when you are a witch? What does self-love look like? Your morning routine? Here, photographer Dana Veraldi captures the witches of New York and asks them to share their thoughts, feelings and beliefs on magic and the self. 

Photographer Dana Veraldi, assistant photographer Alex Diamond, make-up Maggie Mondanile, hair Andy Starkweather

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