An honest review of Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Skin collection
Raisa Flowers make up tutorial Selfridges space
Watch Raisa Flowers become a futuristic babydoll in this make-up tutorial
Dazed Beauty Space edit
Editor’s Edit: Shop the most exciting, radical beauty products
2020-03-06 (1)
Discover what’s coming up at Selfridges x Dazed Beauty Space
dazed beauty space selfridges thomas petherick pop-up
Look into the future with Dazed Beauty Space, a new pop-up with Selfridges
glitter microplastic eco sustainable selfridges
Selfridges says goodbye to all plastic-based glitter
Beach Clean
Selfridges is removing all plastic-based beauty wipes from its stores
3D artist Ines Alpha creates cute face filters for new Selfridges campaign
Pat McGrath
Pat McGrath becomes Selfridges’ best-selling beauty line in its first month
Pat Mcgrath
You will not believe what Pat McGrath has in store for you