Landyn Pan
Photographer Landyn Pan’s joyful work celebrates freedom of identity
Arielle Bobb-Willis, “Austin” (2020)
This photography print sale is raising money for Black British charities
Elfen 2
Visual artist Gonzalo Resti on mutation and metamorphosis
Vasso Vu
Enter the alluringly strange world of photographer Vasso Vu
Catherine Opie, “Self-portrait/Cutting” (1993)
Catherine Opie on where she finds beauty in the world
dougie wallace photography east ended book london
Dougie Wallace’s East Ended documents the fast-changing face of Shoreditch
10 unsigned photographers capture black hair around the world
Juan Brenner, Tonatiuh Outtakes
Juan Brenner’s photography explores the history of Guatemala through gold
Gut magazine the tanned witch
The tragic tale of a witch who tried to get a tan
Skye McLaughlin cover
Real Magick: Photographer Bella Newman meets the witches of NYC
The new faces of IMG get wiggy with it
Shoog McDaniel photography
Photographer Shoog McDaniel celebrates fatness in all its glory
Alluring and Grotesque
See some alluringly grotesque pictures of tongues
Laura Okita
Photographer Laura Okita takes the beauty shots of your dreams
Derek Ridgers 10
Derek Ridgers on porn, plastic surgery and the changing face of beauty
Luisa Opalesky Beauty Trilogy
Luisa Opalesky's photographs are a surreal exploration of synthetic beauty
Nadia Lee Cohen displays surreal dreamscapes in her first exhibition
Daniel Sannwald
Daniel Sannwald once photographed Rihanna in a bathtub full of slime
Suzi Q and Leo Siboni
Immerse yourself in a mesmerising 3D world of contortions and distortions
Théa Giglio and Aurore Bonami_ Tom Ford
Strange and sumptuous beauty still lifes from ECAL