‘Blind Beauty’
How do visually-impaired people see beauty?
Degree Inclusive deodorant
Degree Inclusive is the first deodorant designed for disabled people
Gucci beauty Ellie Goldstein downs syndrome model
Ellie Goldstein is the pioneer for models with Down’s Syndrome
Being more radical about inclusivity in the beauty industry
Guide Beauty
Guide Beauty is a new make-up brand perfect for people with shaky hands
Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 16.01.59
How accessible is the beauty world to those with disabilities?
mama cax savage fenty show rihanna amputee model
Mama Cax is the amputee and activist who slayed the Savage x Fenty show
Fenty Rihanna
Fenty Beauty is being sued for ‘intentional discrimination’
Grace is the disability-friendly, accessible for all beauty brand
Mari Katayama
How one artist used photography to come to terms with her disability
Aaron Philip Portrait
Meet Aaron Philip, the industry-shifting trans model