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June 2021 horoscope

Your monthly horoscope: June 2021

TextGrace McGradeIllustrationGabrielle Rosenstein

As Gemini season draws to a close, expect eclipse hangovers, a mercury retrograde, and a period of rapid change. Buckle up!

Grace McGrade is an intuitive astrologer and priestess based in Los Angeles. She is the co-founder of ASTRAL ORACLES and author of Palpable Magic; a website exploring prose about sex, love, Los Angeles and the occult. Her sessions include natal chart readings, energetic clearing and activations, and tarot readings.

Buckle your seatbelts, because June begins in an astrological whirlwind, as we navigate the  end of Gemini season, eclipse hangovers, and a mercury retrograde. We are undergoing a period of great, rapid change, and the energy can be felt by all signs. Mercury retrograde in Gemini began on May 29th, and although the sign of the Twins is known for its love of information, here we have to do things twice. As always with Mercury retrograde, be mindful of communication issues, schedule extra time to get ready, and anticipate delays. Mercury retrograding in Gemini offers us the chance to shine light on how we interpret information, and the stories we choose to bring to life.

Pleasure planet Venus enters the maternal sign of Cancer on June 2nd, infusing our daily lives with greater empathy and compassion. We are increasingly aware of emotional reciprocity- both lapses of support and the fulfillment of needs in our dynamics with others. We are eager to find safety, nurturing and comfort, retreating to our home spheres and tending to our internal landscapes. Since late April, Warrior planet Mars has been in Cancer, making us a little too reactive to perceived lapses of empathy. Mars moves from Cancer into Leo on June 11th, assisting us in churning some of that hyper-sensitivity into creativity and artistic expression.

A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th gives us a chance to start a new chapter in our lives, and animate better stories for our lives. We are navigating higher energies that are encouraging each sign to embrace change, flexibility, and learning. Eclipses always bring unexpected changes, reveal insights and hidden information, and act as astrological wild cards that can open and close potential doorways. This is the perfect time to redefine our sense of identity and the stories we have chosen to adopt as truth about the direction of our lives.

On June 14th, Uranus and Saturn will square, encouraging all signs to embrace newness and leave stale, stagnated patterns behind. We can expect global shifts, moving from outdated and antiquated power structures, to new, more innovative ways of caring for the earth and our planet. This especially poignant astrological event of 2021 signifies an evolutionary shift to the established order of societies globally. We are encouraged to transcend our differences as a global community and embrace innovation and change. 

The Sun enters Cancer on June 20th, touring its way through the sensitive sign of the Crab. Here we are focused on family, the home, and our early upbringings – eager to find a semblance of nurturing and safety. Post eclipse, we can feel like we are drowning in a soup of emotions, so use this time to carefully examine what you need to feel secure. On June 22nd, Mercury stations direct, amplifying our ability to communicate from the heart. The month culminates with a Full Moon in serious Capricorn on the 24th, encouraging us to identify our career goals and aspirations for the months ahead.

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