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re comb sustainable plastic comb brand

RE=COMB wants to help you have a more sustainable Christmas

TextScarlett Baker

The sustainable comb company has launched an environmentally conscious advent calendar to encourage sustainability practices

Remember when the 5p plastic bag charge back in 2015 felt somewhat spearheading in the war on plastic? Then came the expulsion of the microbeads in our face washes, and the prohibition of plastic straws in an attempt to save our oceans and the wildlife at danger within them. In a pre-pandemic era, these indisputable changes while progressive were still instigated at an unhurried pace in contrast to the growing climate change problem. Then add a pandemic into the mix and there’s rousing fears that it’s interrupting the momentum needed to save the planet. 

But one crisis doesn’t stop just because another starts. Pandemic or not, plastic is still invasive in our daily lives, from our toothpaste to our coffee cups, its monoposing effect still being overlooked within so many industries. With only 7-11 per cent of plastic in the world being recycled, for hairstylists Sarah Palmer and Chris Deagle, it was time for the beauty industry to make haste, recognising the lacking sustainable variety within hair tools, lending to the launch of RE=COMB.

Redefining the direction of waste in the beauty industry, RE=COMB offers a range of brushes fashioned from recycled polypropylene plastic, melted into wide-tooth combs in a marbled effect for detangling and sculpting in bright colourways for a brighter future. Handmade in the UK, each comb emphasises high-quality, and long-lasting value, using a technique that makes each tool completely unique. 

Countering the plastic pollution of the salon and hairdressing environment by striving towards a circular economy, RE=COMB aims to alter the perceptions around waste through its coveted tools. In doing so, the brand has launched an advent-calendar-meets-manifesto of tips and brands to support in order to expand our relationship with waste and become more conscientious of our actions with images created by Johanna Bonnevier. 

“We have been so inspired by the creative ways that people are leading and looking at environmentalism and hope to continue to generate that for others too, as at the heart of RE=COMB is rethinking, recycling and finding beauty in that which was once considered waste,” explains Palmer on the project. “Our festive countdown looks at some of our favourite ways to RE=Think on supporting,connecting and enjoying the holiday season.”

The recommendations span actions such as RE=FLECTING on Christmas traditions, using eco-friendly materials such as sustainable wood pulp glitters instead of plastic. RE=DIALING, by calling loved ones on the phone rather than texting, RE=CONSIDERING your thought processes by listening to helpful podcasts such as Gurls Talk and Unpretty. RE=GENERATING your wardrobe by using after-care or repair services to extend the life-span of loved belongings and RE=TAINING a circle of small businesses and independent brands to support in order to help them survive the pandemic.

Stay tuned on RE=COMB’s Instagram account for the full sustainable Christmas guide. 

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