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Start the new year with your monthly beauty horoscope: January 2020

TextGrace McGradeIllustrationGabrielle Rosenstein

2020 begins theatrically, promising a firework display of celestial changes

Grace McGrade is an intuitive astrologer and priestess based in Los Angeles. She is the co-founder of ASTRAL ORACLES, an open-source spiritual community, and author of Palpable Magic; a website exploring prose about sex, love, Los Angeles and the occult.

2020 begins theatrically, promising a firework display of celestial changes, as January brings us a lunar eclipse in Cancer, as well as the highly anticipated Saturn and Pluto conjunction on the 12th. Saturn is the planet of structure, authority and government and Pluto is the planet of destruction, transformation and death. 

This transit presents us with a long-overdue confrontation with the cultural and political issues that have been overlooked and pushed aside. Both planets, currently in Capricorn, are conduits of massive change to existing establishments. Capricorn, the sign associated with time, security, ambition, hard work, and maturity, illuminates the sky, highlighting our impending desire to find footing in an increasingly unstable world. With the Sun and so many planets in Capricorn, we are ready to make commitments, to concentrate and work towards the new vision we were provided with by Sagittarius Season. 

As always, the new year is a time to make resolutions, to start fresh and commit to changes. All signs are supported in pursuing resolutions that are built to last, particularly in regards to our own transformation. We are blessed with the discipline and work ethic we need to resolve to achieve greatness and to work hard towards big goals. The eclipse in Cancer occurring on January 10 brings a lot of emotions to the surface, so look out for what you brought from childhood to adulthood that needs to be let go of. 

The decade ahead promises us an opportunity to build a new foundation for greatness, as long as we are willing to shed old habits and narratives that keep us making the same mistakes. 

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