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TOO FACED shot by Valentin Woeffray and Tara Ulmann
TOO FACED shot by Valentin Woeffray and Tara Ulmann/Ecal

Mesmerising beauty product shots created by ECAL’s photography students

TextDazed Beauty

This year’s participants were challenged by Florence Tétier of Novembre magazine and her partner Nicolas Coulomb to reinterpret the theme of ‘a special beauty’

For the last five years, Dazed Beauty Contributing Editor Florence Tétier of Novembre magazine and her partner Nicolas Coulomb have run the Photography BA course at ECAL, Switzerland’s prestigious University of Art and Design Lausanne. Working around themes of beauty, the body, and identity, each year Tétier and Coulomb set their students a theme, to which they must respond with an image, the result of which is then published in Novembre. 

Last year, students were given a culinary recipe which they were asked to reinterpret using only make-up and skincare products. This year, the theme was “a special beauty”, where groups of students were assigned a global beauty brand from Chanel to Byredo to Too Faced and given 10 beauty products which they had to create a story around. “It was really free for interpretation,” says Tétier, “They had the freedom to go really far or stick to the DNA of the brand.” The result is a surreal collection of images, with some focusing in on abstracted body parts - a foot or a breast juxtaposed by a single product - and others taking in the body as a whole. 

See the images below.

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