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Your monthly beauty horoscope: May 2019

TextEmily Heather PriceArtistEmmanuel O'Brian

It's a great time to solve long-standing problems this May, with major money and relationship developments revealing themselves mid-month

May is like two months in one! The Taurus New Moon on May 4th gives us a glimpse into where we are headed, although beware – the first week of the month is marked by irritability and frustrations. It’s a great time to solve long-standing problems but it’s not suggested you take on difficult people or burn the candle at both ends. Rest and prep for mid-month when the tone shifts dramatically right around the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th. Major money and relationship developments will reveal themselves around that time. From there, we have a gentler energy that supports our progress with the goals we set early in the month. It will be Taurus Season until May 21st when the Sun moves into chatty Gemini. This means the first three weeks of the month want us smelling the flowers, laying in the grass and enjoying all manner of earthly delights. Gemini season then brings us closer to the heart of summer, gossip, and being a social butterfly.


No way around it, Aries, you’re right in the heart of the action this month. You’ll likely be feeling career and reputation pressure, facing some old fears of success, and generally taking a hard look at what you really want your life mission to be. The hard work pays off though, especially if you make part of your focus a financial one. May is all about the money for you. You’ll want to get enough rest and have these on hand for any stress-related skin emergencies.


It’s the height of your season, Taurus! Time to treat yourself and get your emerald glow on with the most Taurus face oil ever. Mid-month life gets especially sweet for you when Venus moves into your sign and romance blooms. The first week of the month feels like a big headache though so please get rest, stay hydrated, and know this too shall pass. It’s a dramatic month in partnership realms where the potential of your most important relationships is revealed.


This month a lot of the action happens internally. The heavy social energy felt early in the month isn’t really your vibe, Gemini, so even though your season’s coming and by June you’ll be centre stage, the time you take now to attend to journaling, therapy, straightening out your budget will be extremely well spent. The days around May 9th bring a bright message via love or your spirituality though. You’re cleansing at the deepest levels and it feels good.


Relationship matters might feel tense or have you looking in the rear-view mirror, but there is an abundance of new people and opportunities waiting to meet you, especially in the second half of the month. Your career has bright lights shining on it and influential people come to your aid. The month starts off tense but ends with the type of lush, comfortable energy you like. Taurus Season suits your indulgent nature and is an especially nice time to care for your skin. May 18th’s full moon is sexy, dynamic, and a wild card.


The spotlight’s on you and it’s set to stay that way all month long. Own your talents and let others see them, especially those who can be helpful mentors and connections for you. Say yes to opportunities to be centre stage, advance your work, and be in authority, or create some yourself. As a lion, your mane is part of your power and confidence, so you’ll want to nourish it since all eyes are you. You do still have to work hard but just know some sweet payoffs arrive soon.  


Let your imagination run a bit wild this month. Are any of your go-to ideas, reference points or teachers outdated? Fresh input is what you need now in the form of books, ideas, adventures and travel. This is what will help you get some creative inspiration and romance back in your world if it has been a bit lacklustre of late. Slick on some liquid lipstick in (dreamy) Babetown and brighten your own day. More possibilities will flow from there.


You’re all about the money this month, Libra, and yes there’s some romance too. Get serious about your finances and the bigger investments that can make your life better. Look for opportunities to up your income because they’re out there and you’ll be feeling especially ambitious. You’ll be busy out in the world with no time for hermiting, so keep this is your bag to freshen up and cool off.


Something major is coming in romance realms. Make yourself available for it and get out of any social ruts because a new, exciting factor wants to come into your relationship life. If your love life is already solid, perhaps it’s a business partnership or creative collaboration. Nourish your important connections and don’t down-date or stick with legacy connections that no longer are a fit. Light a rose geranium candle to attract love and clarity.


This is a tune-up month. Attend to your health and your hustle, even if that leaves little time for much else. You see a cash-flow increase or receive good news about a job or promotion. Finances might be on a lower and slower phase overall but you’re building a stronger foundation for the future. Invest in what is profitable, good for you, and runs well. Light an Awakening Candle to see new, life-changing ways of doing your day-to-day.


You’ve been working harder than almost anyone recently and while you’ll be no less busy in May, it’s time to stop and smell the flowers. Say yes to invitations, have romantic nights out, and give yourself downtime to work on your own art just for enjoyment. The sweetness of life is calling to you now and asking you to enjoy being in a body (something you’re quite good at!) Try a fresh, earthy scent to awaken the senses.


Spend some time feathering your nest. Look for a beautiful new object for your home, buy yourself fresh flowers or try this delicious orange bossom room spray. It would also be a lovely time for a house party and celebration with some of the new connections you’ve made since last November. Your money luck gets better too, so keep on top of your aspirations or “dream job” goals. Seek opportunities to get in the spotlight a bit.


This is a chatty, busy month full of surprises. Make time for weekend trips, neighbourhood events, and catching up with loved ones. Fresh ideas are flowing, so have your journal ready. If your thoughts or perspective need a tune-up, this is the time to get that started. Try reading or listening to some new voices that bring wisdom or inspiration you need. Daily self-massage with a healing balm is a good ritual to balance how busy your mind will be.

For super-detailed guidance on May’s astrology day-by-day, you can also check out Cosmic Coven. The Voluptuous Witch’s daily astrology can also be found here.

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