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Lewis Hayward Dazed Beauty

Make-up in motion

Photographer Lewis Hayward teams up with make-up artist Mona Leanna on an anti-beauty shoot

“Beauty isn’t a static pose perfected, but a thing of constant movement.”

Inspired by a discussion about facial distortion and the warped beauty ideals people face today, Lewis Hayward’s photographs capture “beauty in movement rather than a static state.” With the idea that you don’t have to be ‘perfectly’ posed to be seen as beautiful in mind, make-up artist Mona Leanne covers contorted faces in colours not usually associated with beauty. It's “anti-beauty, clashed with convention, working well together,” says Hayward.

Photography: Lewis Hayward
Make-up: Mona Leanne using Mac Cosmetics
Hair: Tosh using Bumble & Bumble
Model: Freya Walton @ IMG