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Your monthly beauty horoscope: April 2019

TextEmily Heather PriceArtistEmmanuel O'Brian

This April communication, commerce, and connectivity all come back online, says The Voluptuous Witch

March was one of the weirdest months on record, but April is here to give us our best lives back. Not only is it Aries Season, and so the beginning of a brand new solar cycle, but Mercury retrograde is finally a thing of the past so communication, commerce, and connectivity all come back online. We start to feel bright energy on April 5th, at the Aries New Moon, and witness progress fully unfolding in our lives come April 17th (the end of the mercury retrograde shadow period) and for the duration of the month. There’s a blazing, optimistic fire of the Sun-Jupiter synergy, bringing good fortune and better moods, plus a truly romantic and creative influence of Venus meeting up with Neptune. When Venus and Neptune connect, everything starts to feel a bit cinematic and dreamy, so enjoy the ride while keeping at least a toe on the ground as you assess your mating and artistic options. Enjoy the sweetness while it’s here, kids.


This is your month and it couldn’t come at a better time. Pisces season leaves you feeling a bit soggy but by now you’ve had some time to dry off and feel your embers rekindling. Try to think big, and if you’re already thinking big, go even bigger. Maybe you can plan a fabulous trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to go or finally get serious about studying something to improve your craft. Your dreams, daydreams, and fantasies are a rich source of info and inspiration this month. Put on a Skimono super-soothing facemask and just let your mind wander. Write it all down. Spending time outlining future creative visions is also really valuable. Your romantic options get a reset, too. You’ve had some time to look backwards, process, and integrate, so there’s no reason not to leave old loves and nemeses fully behind now. Embrace the power of your most ambitious self.

Most exciting day: April 5th


Spring cleaning is the theme for you and it’s on every level. It’s time to clear away stagnation, old ghosts hiding in your psyche, and/or even just jaded expectations that have outlived their usefulness. An attitude of kindness and graciousness will take you far. Optimism is warranted now, especially if you’re hoping to meet someone new because April is a month of magical romance for you. Stay ready by keeping your lips nice and soft with this SKYN Iceland lip blam, just in case. The feeling might be like walking through a dream, perhaps even to the point of wearing rose-coloured glasses, so just be sure to stay grounded and connected to your instincts as well. The creative, healing, and love (of all kinds) possibilities are abundant now. Perhaps most importantly, you feel the power of your own allure again. Embracing change and growth will enliven you, including revitalising your wardrobe, hair, or accessories. Dress for future you.

Most exciting day: April 6th


You’re like the energiser bunny now especially when it comes to making time for friends and networking. You may have felt less clear than usual or simply a bit stalled during March, but now you have the opportunity to get back in action. The creative visions and life trajectory fantasies that occupied your attention recently may have some actionable bits worth holding onto, so now is the time to take concrete steps. If you’ve been waiting to meet someone who can help push your goals forward, or perhaps even a new lover, that quest is re-enlivened now. Wield your charm, kindness, and strong intuition to make the most of all the new connections you’re making. Your image is blessed too so make sure to take more selfies than usual and step up into greater professional visibility if you’re offered the chance. You can have some relaxation and get camera-ready all at once with the most soothing after sun mask from Skimono.

Most exciting day: April 14th


This month kicks off with major ambition for you so grab the reins and go. Last month likely had some moments of heavy feels, but you probably also got back in touch with some of your hope for the future and some big future possibilities. You can make major progress with money and work now so definitely maximize your hustle or, if desired, seek out new opportunities. Love has a committed and serious tone, perhaps even a feeling of past life connection resurfacing. The new people you meet now could feel especially familiar. Take it slow to determine how quality the connection really is though. Not all past life loves are meant to be a thing again. If a relationship has had its day, you may feel inclined to finally move on now too. To aid in letting go: visualize anything you want to release, scrub it away with an Aesop healing herbal cleanser, and watch it all drip down the drain.

Most exciting day: April 6th


You’re back on top. This month finally has the type of fire that feeds, motivates, and blesses you. You’re feeling yourself again (and someone else too most likely) so get fully glam and maximize the birds and bees buzz in the air. Better sex, more inspiration, and even a surprise burst of career recognition are all possible. Your mane is a source of power for you so love your hair up with something luscious from Lush for extra confidence. You’re still working hard though, that’s just not letting up anytime soon, and staying on top of your goals is really important right now. Some doubts or hiccups could pop up early in the month but remember you’re playing the long game here. It’s not all about instant rewards but what you are really building for yourself over the next few years that will set you up for the long-term.

Most exciting day: April 14th


Your mind is on your money and that’s not a bad thing. You’re coming off a (possibly) relationship-obsessed March, during which much may have been unclear, so grounding into hard work and financial matters feels satisfying. Plus, by mid-month your romantic waters finally start to run clear again; you can see what is what, who is who, and you have some of your most epic romance astrology brewing. No matter how confusing love has been of late, brush yourself off and believe in your ability to manifest the love you want. This is also a really sweet month for deepening friendship and artistic collaborations. Make more beauty with your best people. And while you’re at it, take lots of selfies and even update you aesthetic perhaps? A new hair colour or even just a whole new perspective on caring for your hair with Chāmpo would be auspicious.

Most exciting day: April 10th


You’ve been swimming in work and/or health complications and delays for a whole month, which obviously sucks, so you especially have lots to look forward to in April. Soothe any lingering aches with self-massage, naturally pain relieving CBD from Shea Brand, and generally being sweet to yourself. First of all, trust that your creative inspiration is on its way to returning full force, and some magically manifested money along with it. Even if you’ve been feeling stuck, know the wheels are turning again and my mid-month you’ll have more than made up for any retrograde stall-outs. Your relationships take centre stage now, so you’ll have your mind on loves, crushes, and your closest friends. Your aura radiates dreamy, alluring energy now that can help you get a raise, meet a new love, or find a promising health practitioner. You’re foundationing your empire all 2019 and Aries season gets you back in the game.

Most exciting day: April 10th


A whole new romance and money paradigm is opening up for you with incredible momentum. With Uranus in Taurus until 2026, remember that your relationship reality can transform very suddenly. April is one of the most promising months for love, sex, or even an enticing creative collaboration, so stay open to the possibility of someone significant sweeping into your life and shaking things up in a good way. You’re extra motivated to get your money up, especially focused on long-term goals and security, buying property, and building (or starting) a savings account. Your needs may be complex but your strategies can be simple now. Centre them around getting maximum mileage out of your projects, communications, and ideas, while only making time for those who truly support you. Resist any urges to sabotage yourself (perhaps play with some sparkly violet make-up from Gurls Talk's collaboration with Revlon instead?) and you’re golden.

Most exciting day: April 10th


Your home, family, and sense of security are blessed now. Light a candle there for extra grounding and protection. Sweetness and healing arrive -- a welcome relief after the heavy emotional processing demanded of you during March. This is a great time to vision, or actually find, a perfect abode if you have been seeking one. Your romantic options are better now, too, and your sexual energy runs high. Let your creativity run free and take some risks with it. It’s a good time to push the limits of your art or get swept up in a new lover. You feel pulled to intense interaction, some of which may surface as a temptation to argue so just be mindful of picking your battles especially with lovers or a nemesis. Your day-to-day work life is getting shaken up and undergoing changes, many of which began in the middle of last year. Make the most of your Sagittarian malleability and adapt to new policies and economies at warp speed for best results.

Most exciting day: April 14th


There’s no way around the fact that April is a time for you to hustle hard. Focus your energy on doing good work you can be proud of (and use these magic gels to cool any evidence of your late working night), getting your money up, and masterfully handling any trolls or irritants that threaten to derail your productivity. Creativity is fertile ground for you now. Make time to journal or have conversations with those who get your juices flowing.  Write your dreams down too. Potent inspiration is coming your way, and it’s well-deserved after all the hard work you’ve been doing. March was full of miscommunication and strange irks, but you can trust that skies are clearing for you now. If you meet someone new and noteworthy now, they might feel familiar, almost as if you knew them in a past life. Either way, something ancient is stirring in you.

Most exciting day: April 5th


A major blessing on your money, body, and overall well-being arrives. March may have been tricky for finances and self-esteem in general, but you feel a surge of confidence come through as April begins. Your texts and DMs are quite busy, to the point that your actual phone might even ring. Don’t be alarmed. It’s simply the gift of a fuller, more fulfilling social life that has been taking shape since November of last year, popping up to remind you that this month is an especially good time to expand your networks, reconnect with high-quality friends, and even meet a promising prospect for future true love. Stay open. Playmate possibilities are plentiful, so keep our favourite sex gel on hand. Let April bring a breath of fresh air that allowed a break from some of the hard (and worthwhile) inner work you’ve done.

Most exciting day: April 14th


Love is here… or close… or soon returning. There’s a spooky synchronicity pulling seemingly disparate life threads together for you this month, bringing healing and a surge of fresh inspiration at the deepest levels. Much of this magic manifests with those you love the most or someone new who will later become quite important. Your entire presence is enchanted and you’ll have powerful sway over those you encounter for friendship, love, or business. Adorn yourself with beauty. Flowers in your hair to celebrate spring, a fresh hair colour or new make-up palette, a new beloved talisman to carry with you. (If there were ever a month to bat your eyelashes, it’s this one, and I have the perfect mascara upgrade for you.) You get to keep the intuitive insights of March and apply them now, especially toward any pursuits that boost your income, commitment to self-care, or love for yourself in general. You get a fresh start in your commitment to abundance and financial stability, so make it count.

Most exciting day: April 10th

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