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Your monthly beauty horoscope: March 2019

TextEmily Heather PriceArtistEmmanuel O'Brian

March ushers in mysterious Mercury retrograde enhanced by Neptune, says Emily Heather Price AKA the Voluptuous Witch

March is all about the mysterious Mercury retrograde enhanced by Neptune. The energy is surreal, romantic, inspired, and possibly confusing. There is a really potent undercurrent of change with Uranus changing signs into Taurus (where it will stay until 2026) and Mercury in Pisces dancing with Neptune and Jupiter. Fantasy reigns. This is an amazing month for deepening your intuition, making art, and devoting time to personal healing. It’s a really tricky month for exes, technology, and communication in general so be sure to triple check your texts and leave extra time before important appointments. Look at what people are actually doing more than what they are saying, and try to save making major commitments until April.


Self-love will be put to the test in the coming weeks. Slippery old habits beckon, but you sidestep them and dive into your psychic prowess while KonMari-ing your stuff. You see everything you want, but it's not time to rush toward it. Yet. Follow retro precautions, please

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It's a New Era for a New You. Almost. It's like you're in a surreal video game navigating past paradigms in friendship, finance, and family, but in this game you don't have weapons – just opportunities to enforce boundaries and decide what is and is not coming with you.

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Matters of reputation, ambition, and image could be treacherous in the coming weeks, so be agile, wise, and immune to spontaneous announcements or hasty launches. Envision the bigger picture instead. Put your antenna up to catch your personal future zeitgeist.

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Daily reality feels constricting compared to your fantasies of expansion. This is a messy retro for work and school, however, you are creatively problem-solving how to align with your dream job or ideal creative opportunity. Be full of vision, not excuses.

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These weeks are messy for shared finances, parenting, and creative work. Lack of alignment can be a struggle. But you're on the verge of a career victory or reinvention, so trust good things come. No need to rush your imminent ascent. Discipline + Joy = Inspired Living for you.

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The coming weeks are like a surrealist French film about your love life, and people in general. There is a highly romantic and creative frequency to tap into however, on the lower end, delusion and codependency could fully take over. No elopements! Stay true to You first.

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Realistically? The retro is an obstacle course of snafus and delays. However, you embark on a whole new phase in your money and self-esteem reality, for the better. Slippery thinking is likely now, so consciously rewire your own neural pathways these next few weeks instead.

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Rise above the annoyance triggers to claim a creative and romantic renaissance. Yes, you'll want to take it slow with anyone new, and stay-or-go situations will only get more confusing now. But the undercurrent is inspired and can nurture your inner artist. Flow is best.

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Your sense of identity gets a bit wavy now, almost as if you could make a metamorphosis you've always considered just a fantasy. Beware though that some things you're perceiving as real will be fantasy, and any sticky family or housemate dynamics require steel boundaries.

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This retro is much messier than you like things to be; you'll need your determination to get through it. Underneath it all, however, is a creative and romantic revolution that will soon bring you such exciting opportunities. Now, back up your data and beware the damaging mis-text.

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No big spending or getting too swept up in a brand new person. Hold your centre now. You sense the seismic shift on the way in your base of operations and career direction, so allow it all time to unfold. Lovers may be a bit flaky now. Avoid gossip and focus on your art.

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Cast yourself. You are the spell. This retro has a shapeshifter quality for you. On one hand, you can envision powerful life-enhancing realities, on the other you could overmedicate or take part in delusional dating. Draw a hard line against anything that degrades you. Choose beauty.

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