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Chelsea wears all clothes Gucci Photography Mark Peckmezian, Styling Emma Wyman

Chelsea Manning is Dazed's new cover star

TextAmelia Abraham

The whistleblower and activist joins a group of other modern LGBTQ+ heroes on the covers of Dazed's new Infinite Identities issue

In light of the recent news of President Donald Trump's proposed plans to roll back transgender rights in America, and the ongoing attack against trans people in Britain, our sister platform Dazed have decided to dedicate their entire Spring 2019 print issue to talking about the global creativity and power of LGBTQIA+ communities. 

Named the Infinite Identities issue, the magazine will have five cover stars. Yesterday, two of these were revealed: Hunter Schafer, in conversation with Rowan Blanchard, and model of the moment Ariel Nicholsontalking astrology and social media detoxing.

Today, the third cover star is announced: whistleblower and activist Chelsea Manning, shot by Mark Peckmezian and styled by Emma Wyman. You can read the full interview with her here, in which she discusses her keen use of emojis, not engaging with trans-exclusionary radical feminists and her current outlook on the world. 

Throughout this whole week, Dazed Digital will be running a campaign that explores LGBTQIA+ rights more broadly, through the personal and political. There's Manning's guest edit – a series of interviews with activists, writers, scientists and artists she has selected, including CeCe McDonald, Janus Rose and Kade Crockford, there's Dazed Beauty Contributing Editor Tom Rasmussen on finding clothes as a plus size drag queen, the amazing Adam Eli on New York's new LGBTQIA+ underground, and much, much more. 

To pre-order the issue, click here, and see the whole Infinite Identities campaign here.

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