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Your monthly beauty horoscope: February 2019

TextEmily Heather PriceArtistEmmanuel O'Brian

February is a bright and exciting month, and a nice respite before the retrograde coming next months, says Emily Heather Price aka The Voluptuous Witch

February is a bright and exciting month. First, we have the Aquarius New Moon on February 4th, and Lunar New Year on the 5th for many people all over the world. Take the first few days of the month to rest, lay low, and scheme, then on the 5th set your wiser and now-even-better-calibrated intention for the rest of the year. The major caution zone of the month is February 9th-13th when tempers could flare or accidents can happen. Nothing to fear, just don’t be reckless with yourself and opt to diffuse rather escalate conflicts. Enjoy the momentum of this retrograde-free month because March brings slowdowns (and some exciting changes too) – more on that then!


It’s time for you to make public appearances and upwardly mobile moves, or perhaps seek help from higher-ups. You’ll be busy socializing with helpful organizations and people, and could even meet someone promising for future romance this way. Just watch your temper mid-month, especially with partners and close friends, since the effects of any blow-ups could be lasting. There is opportunity for radical makeovers and rut-busting though, if you can channel the intensity just right.

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Don’t sleep on your ambitions this month. Connect with important and influential people in your circles. It’s not always especially like you to do so, but talk yourself up. Mid-month is the trickiest part of February and brings some psychic stress so make sure to get in some good ways to decompress. Overall though, this is a gorgeous month to travel, learn new things, do some writing of your own, and simply seek inspiration. Read a new author, see an exhibit that intrigues you, anything perspective expanding is blessed now.

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With the New Moon on the 4th, focus on your money goals. You have the potential to improve your financial situation, an area which has been a bit more difficult of late. There’s also a pull to be more connected to your inner world and that is quite fruitful. Make time to journal, meditate, and write down your dreams. Mid-month you’ll want to be cautious about flaring tempers in your friend group or challenges with institutions. There’s a wildcard energy that could break you out of a social rut, just don’t fixate too long on anything irking you.

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This is a good relationship month for you. There is more softness and romance than you’ve recently had. You have an opportunity to get more aligned with your updated and upgraded partnership values, and perhaps even meet someone promising. Mid-month is when you want to be cautious about flaring tempers at work or anything that could damage your reputation. Once you move past that, the end of February is a great time to go more public with your best ideas and up your ambition in general.

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Partnerships remain a strong focus for you this month – romantic, business, and close friendship alike – and your important people have a lot to communicate or collaborate. This is also an important time for evaluating what you do and don’t want in a relationship and making decisions accordingly. Continue putting energy and effort toward your studies and/or spiritual aspirations. You’re entering a very interesting professional era that could bring career change. Keep cultivating your skillset and unique talents.

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This month is all about your hustle, whether that’s a 9-5 or freelance, and you’ll be super busy with cash flow or work opportunities. It’s also the perfect time to recommit to any health-related resolutions you made at the new year. If romance or creativity have felt like hard work lately, know that both receive a blessing now. Your sex life gets sweeter and inspiration flows better. Make sure to wrap up details on any pending contracts or major purchases as soon as you can, since next month is Mercury Retrograde territory.

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Important communiqués on art and romance are zinging around and inspiration levels are high. Your love and sex mojo is back!  Find or create opportunities to share your creative work, too. The one caution is to be extra aware of relationship irritants mid-month – you might want to create a storm you later regret. A blessed and loving energy comes to your home life, so you may want to buy something special for your space or host a cosy gathering.

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The focus now is on your home and family life, as well as money. It’s a good time to remember that this is a wealth-building year for you and to strategize how to save, invest, or reconfigure any money arrangements that need to be dealt with. You will receive offers and/or pitch projects that are both creatively satisfying and build up your bank account. There’s an uptick in romantic interest, receiving one intriguing message in particular.

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You have money and financial stability on your mind, so pour that energy into initiating positive financial changes. Remember that this is a long-term effort that will show rewards slowly, but that those rewards will also be significant. Your creative projects and sense of play are still all fired up, as are your romantic prospects. Mid-month brings major inspiration or surprisingly good sex, just also beware of the potential for spats with lovers to get out of proportion.

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What a gorgeous month this is for you and your most important people! This is the best love energy you’ve had in many years, with lots of potential to bring in some nice money too. Finances are definitely on your mind and this month is good for hustling more cash, asking for compensation that is commensurate with your skills or doing some solid financial planning. The only caution is in fights with family or anyone you live with mid-month, you’ll want to keep a cool head.

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Blessed in All Things: Lucky 7 Hoodoo Candle by Madame Pamita


The spotlight is still on you. This is a busy time for socializing, relationship developments, and putting yourself out there professionally. Your communication is still full of passion and intensity, so keep writing, brainstorming, or whatever helps you get your thoughts and inspiration out. You also see some financial progress, perhaps as the result of a connection you made last month. Stay open to the possibility of new love, too.

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See Progress: Lucky Cat Candle by Madame Pamita


This month is a mix of social opportunity (a lot of it!) and the need to go within. Investing in therapeutic work would be extremely valuable now, whether that’s of psychological, spiritual, or esoteric nature. Write down your dreams. Meet awareness of limiting beliefs or behaviours with compassion. Your words and presence are particularly impactful at this time. You’ll meet someone significant for friendship, love, or money, or perhaps have a helpful contact/organization come through with opportunity or recognition.

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