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Photography William Kennedy

Photographing London’s most elusive queer techno party

TextEmily Crooked

We capture the creatures of Inferno, a space where hedonism rules

Last Friday, Lewis G Burton and Sebastian Bartz held their latest iteration of cult club night Inferno in Hackney Wick. Described by Lewis as “a space for my community and a platform for female, trans and non-binary DJs, a space where hedonism rules and everyone is encouraged to celebrate their individuality,” it’s a dark sprawling mess of queer bodies, drenched in the red light of the smoking area heat lamps, which somehow spills inside, all set against the unrelenting overpowering sound of techno. You don’t go home til it’s 6am and when you do you’ll be aching from the dancefloor.

Here we captured the creatures from Friday night with commentary from the host themself, Lewis.

"The gorgeous and stunning Georgia Palmer (@georgiapalmer). You can find her stomping at all of the coolest techno parties in London. I have a funny little story about Ms. Palmer, we once kissed each other on the cheeks to greet one another, you know as you do, and those divine cheekbones nearly sliced my face in two! They are lethal."  

"Samy Chabani (@heyden33) is a striking contemporary dancer who can be found voguing and stomping on the queerest dance floors from London to Bordeaux and back. When they’re not dancing you can find them fighting for trans rights and advocating self-love."

"Neco (@necolondon) is the definition of D I V A. When you get through the tough exterior they’re one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. An emerging singer and songwriter check out their latest catchy track ‘Custom Made Bitch’ made with clubland legend Warboy."

"Multidisciplinary artist, jewellery maker and DJ Métaraph (@metaraph_) was living out their femme fantasy and I am here for it! This bitch knows how to tear up a club with their striking moves and incredible outfits and accessories."

"Jeanocide (@jeanocide_) is a force to be reckoned with, a blossoming DJ and performance artist who will be taking up their new residency at INFERNO starting next party. I met Jean on Christmas eve of 2017, I was DJing at The Queen Adelaide and there was this awkward boy scribbling in his sketchbook for hours. Eventually, he shyly wandered up to the DJ booth to tell me how inspiring and fearless I was and ran out the door. See where not being shy gets you kids? I don’t bite!"

"I don’t know who this gorgeous creature is but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. Loving this sexy punk, Beetlejuice realness they have going on. Gorge."

"Adrian Rybak (@brother_of_set) is the life and soul of the party, resident hostess with the mostess at INFERNO and they know how to turn a LOOK. Think Rick Owens meets Leigh Bowery at an East London queer techno rave and there she is. (I mean maybe not in this picture, but usually…)"

"I have no clue who this person is but they look INCREDIBLE. I want to know who this person is!! This look is E V E R Y T H I N G from the make-up to the hair to the accessories to the outfit. Kabuki techno goth realness. Take notes ladies, gentleman and everyone who has broken the binary."

"When you meet hundreds of people every weekend a name or two always manages to slip your decaying mind, but I remember their Instagram handle -@blingbling_lamborghini - isn’t that the important thing? They are part of the next generation of UAL creatives I’ve noticed cropping up at the parties and they’re always turning fabulously twisted looks."

"Demi Scott (@girlchildd) is the original girl with green hair. I’ve known this beautiful soul since she was 15 and is the youthful embodiment of London. She’s one of the wonderful Nick Knight’s muses and has collaborated on a series of photographs and films that I highly recommend taking a look at."

The next INFERNO will be happening on Friday 1st March (@inferno_london).

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