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Your monthly beauty horoscope: January 2019

TextEmily Heather Price

As Emily Heather Price (aka The Voluptuous Witch) predicts, this month the stars are signalling a fresh and empowering start

2019 opens with a powerful, new year’s resolution-oriented vibe. January features two important eclipses: a solar eclipse in Capricorn, and a lunar eclipse in Leo. Eclipses always bring change and a quickening of events. This will be a month of doors definitively opening or closing, so try to see this as good thing in that it makes very clear where your energy should and should not be spent. The eclipse on January 5th, especially, signals a fresh, empowered start, urging you to commit to the goals and structures that make your life truly better.


Your year starts off with a bang! You feel driven to succeed, accomplish, and achieve professional success. Now is the time to take action, map out career goals, and vision what you’d like your future work life to be. Focus on how to increase your earnings and enhance your professional image. It is also a relationship rebirth especially regarding boundaries. Start the year off on the right foot on these fronts and you’ll be golden.

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This month brings new dreams and visions, or the foundationing of an expansive vision you’ve held for some time. Any educational, spiritual, publishing or travel aspirations and activities can be the priority. The vibe may be a bit anxious and agitated, so practice good self-care. Making, saving, and investing money is your lucky zone now. Prioritize your long-term financial goals. Especially when they involve friend connections or help from institutions (banks, schools, government, work organizations, etc).

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People and relationships take centre stage this month, both group-oriented and one-on-one. You’re motivated to connect and socialize, although beware of potential for social irks to come through your wider networks as well. Focus less on who annoys you and more on with whom you want to build. Romantic clues and developments abound. Quality work collaborations spark up, too. Think “Power Couple”.

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The year begins highlighting the two most important 2019 themes for you: work and relationships. January brings major love or biz partnership developments, or a whole start in that realm if that’s where you’re at. Your work life is busy and may have some rogue irritants, but you’re incredibly driven to succeed and can make huge progress now. One caution: avoid anything or anyone that could tarnish your professional image.

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The year starts off extra sweet! Art and romance are especially blessed. Say yes to enticing invitations and generally make time for what makes you happy. You will either see progress on a work/money situation or realize what needs to be fixed in your current circumstance. Take the info and act on it responsibly for really excellent results. If you have learning, teaching, or publishing-type projects on deck, you charge ahead full steam!

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Your year begins with a fresh start in art and love. Your most important people are highlighted, and you are assessing what or who you want to prioritize in your life. It might sound contradictory, but this is about committing to the hard work of happiness and satisfaction, of owning your own responsibility to find your joy (including choosing the right people to date). If you have writing, speaking, or brainstorming to do, this is a great month for it. Time at home is sweet and creative.

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The year starts off with a strong focus on visioning the future of your work life and any creative projects you have brewing. Journal, brainstorm, and shift your daily schedule around to maximize creative flow. You also have money and financial stability on your mind; put your energy into initiating positive financial changes. New furniture or other personal touches at home are auspicious. Romance heats up quite a bit as well.

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The year begins with some excellent money-making opportunities and lots of fresh ideas floating around. Caring for your body and bank account first bring excellent results in all areas. You can increase cash flow or add to your savings now. (It’s also a good time to buy yourself a meaningful, indulgent gift.) Making time to write and brainstorm! Lots of calls, texts, emails, and ideas flowing. You are really likely to receive important news or initiate your own important communications relating to work, academia, or publicity.

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The year opens with you feeling super creative and ready to express yourself. You want to make, do, and also might be feeling especially romantic and/or sexual. You immediately assess your foundations and what is most reliable in your life, or what might not be as reliable as you thought. It all provides creative opportunity for you to think about how you want to present yourself, assert yourself, and make your money. There could be some developments in your partnership/living situation too.

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This is a powerful New Year for you, especially the eclipse on the 5th. All signs in the astrology point to a huge reset and new beginning for you, the most powerful refresh energy you’ve had in a long time for both self and relationships. Your energy is high and potent. You might feel agitated with situations around home or money and still be looking for your solutions to them. Be as methodical as possible and resist the need to rush or burn bridges; you have time to let your ambitions unfold over the course of the year.

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A significant relationship or even the whole relationship era of the last two years reaches a climax this month, essentially. If something needs to end, that might happen now. It could also just be an eventful time in your relationship world, perhaps ascending to a higher level of commitment. The energy is more intense than it is light and breezy. The application of discipline toward your own self-care and ambitions will help ease that though. Your words have a lot of power now, which is great, just use them wisely especially in heated moments.

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The year starts off with strange magic to which someone as sensitive as you will be productively attuned. You’re intuiting future directions of your personal expression, aesthetic, and professional goals. Good fortune is on your side right from the beginning for earning more money, gilding your reputation, or encountering a beautiful opportunity to pursue what feels like an authentic life mission. A fresh start for your social life starts now, too.

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For more on Horoscopes visit Emily here.

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