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Your monthly beauty horoscope: December 2018

TextEmily Heather Price

As the end of the year approaches, so too ends the seemingly ceaseless retrogrades and the holidays bring some of the best astrology of the year, Emily Heather Price (aka the Voluptuous Witch) predicts.

The month starts off with a resurgence of spooky Scorpio energy, with Venus and Mercury giving off seductive and mysterious rays. We celebrate the last round of Sagittarius birthdays with Jupiter still freshly in your sign, until Capricorn season finally begins!  The atmosphere brightens up significantly as Mercury stations direct a week in, then peaks just before the holidays with some of the best astrology of the year. We are finally easing out of seemingly endless retrogrades and catching our stride. Enjoy the friendly optimism, smoother communication, and renewed relationship clarity!


This is your chance to shine your creative light out into the world, Aries. Your writing, art, and ideas have an excellent chance of getting some attention, so don’t hide your work away. By mid-month you’ll feel clearer, cashed-up, and energized. Your reputation at work is also getting better by the day, so long as you’re putting in the effort. The trickiest thing? Managing anxiety and self-doubt. Imposter Syndrome may rear its ugly head – just at the time your talents are actually really soaring -- so do lots of pre-emptive self-care, like this face mask that was practically named for you.  Exercise is your friend now, so lift weights or box it out! You’re golden so long as you stay grounded and affirm yourself. Talk yourself up, love! Tell the world what you’re here to do.

Best days: December 17th and 20th
Affirmation: This is my time.
Grounding stone: Shungite Stone


Your love life has had an undertone of spooky lately with old loves returning in the flesh or in your mind, and perhaps brewing connections moving at a glacial pace while you hope for more. Supercharge your glow while you wait it out, and by mid-month this all shifts! You’re greenlit in love and collaboration, and can actually pull of some sexy networking too. Say yes to invites and meetups with friends. Your finances are the most blessed of all, although this is more of a long-game in which you can steadily build your wealth over the next year. Your true-blue supporters, and perhaps a surprise fan or two, want to see you succeed so ask for what you need and tighten up the partnerships that help you get where you want to go.

Best days: December 16th and 21st
Affirmation: I am ready for love.
Heart-nurturing stone: Pink Fluorite


The second half of December feels like the beginning of the rest of your life, in the most liberating way possible. You moved through tricky terrain in recent years, especially in love and business partnerships, and now you get to ride the high of synchronicity in your love life and line up epics collabs. So how do you access this magic? By not rushing anything during the first half of this month. You’re quick-thinking as a Gemini, yet for now let some people just live in your mind or observe them with detached amusement while you rock the future vibe and survey your options. Remember that if money feels tight it’s because you’re building the foundation of future wealth. Choose long-term stability over short-term splurges whenever possible. That said, your money situation gets a lot juicier this month as you exit the financial drought of the past few months. When you do want to treat yourself? Try a lip pencil set, to match your many Gemini selves.

Best days: December 12th and 21st
Affirmation: I am worthy of true love.
Money crystal: Pyrite


Your sex life and inspiration levels have already gotten a huge boost and that’s only going to continue to get better. Yes, perhaps there’s been some mystery and intrigue around attraction in recent weeks, even a secret or two revealed, but trust that your seductive powers are incredibly strong and time spent with your art now will pay off. If you have been wanting to find a better job, ask for a raise, or take steps to improve your health, the time is now! You have everything on your side, so up your glow confidence and wait until about mid-month and then be bold in going after your desires. Your daily routine and cash flow are about to get much more exciting. It’s also a great time to plan a trip or take a course -- do what feels expansive and liberating.

Best days: December 16th and December 21st
Affirmation: Everything is happening in perfect timing.
Confidence crystal: Citrine


This is your most fun and juicy month of the year! It’s previewing for you much of what’s ahead in 2019 -- celebration, outstanding romantic options, and a creative renaissance. The only caution here is toxic decadence (and why not channel that by getting yourself a luxe bold lip instead). You still are in a hustle and grind phase of your work life and putting in the time will pay off. Same goes for your health and fitness, where slow and steady improvements take you much farther than any quick fix will. You’re also hugely motivated to make some real money now, so take all that drive and make the most of it. So long as you’re keeping your cash flow front and centre, all the luscious enjoyment that’s coming to you can easily fill in the gaps and make your social life a lot sweeter.

Best days: December 7th and 21st
Affirmation: I open to excellent surprises
Fame crystal: Sunstone


There’s magic in your words now. Even just a simple text brings you luck or good news. Stay open to receiving messages and craft the words that move you closer to your goals and those you love. If you splurge on anything for yourself this month, let it be decor! Make your home, bedroom, and office like a vision board of how you want to live. Make the vision board too! Your manifesting powers are extra strong from your very own lair, and you could throw a really amazing party, too, so invite others into your space and enjoy. If you’ve been looking to meet someone new, that’s quite likely this month. If you’re coupled, your sex life gets a boost so long as you avoid big arguments! Channel this energy wisely and pleasurably.

Best days: December 12th and 21st
Affirmation: I am a word magician.
Energetic protection: Sweep the old energy out the front door of your house each morning


You’re getting back into your flow, Libra! Your self-esteem and money prospects have gotten a long-awaited and well-deserved boost. You’ve likely had some odd miscommunications or delays recently, but that will finally smooth out by mid-month. In the bigger picture, your prospects for writing a book, making successful pitches, or upping your creative productivity are excellent. Trust and cultivate your best ideas now. Your love options are starting to heat up, but that may not seem nearly as interesting to you as hustling up extra cash or improving a health issue. Take care of your most important business in those areas first, letting surprise romance just be the cherry on top. Get glam just for your own enjoyment, and let them flock to your Libran allure. You’ve been in a romantic evolution since 2010 and the next few months are the grand finale.

Best days: December 16th and 21st
Affirmation: I honour my inspiration.
Creativity stone: Herkimer Diamond


From the outside, you still may be in stealth-mode. But beneath the surface? You’re in an epic professional and artistic renaissance. The past year expanded your professional options and got you onto a bigger playing field. Now it’s time to build on that, so do everything in your power to clear away legacy projects and anything you trudge through because you “should”. Money and self-respect come with going all in on your authentic dreams, trusting your Scorpionic intuition along the way. Romance may have been a bit brutal recently, but a new wave of magic is on its way in. The catch? You might miss it if you’re too busy dwelling on an ex or a rival. Shut those doors already. The next phase is way more interesting anyway and your sex astro this month is too good to waste! If seduction doesn’t appeal, spend time creating instead.

Best days: December 16th, 21st, and 28th
Affirmation: My power is growing.
Rebirth stone: Lapis Lazuli


You’re in the astrological spotlight right now with Jupiter in your sign! This is genuinely exciting and expansive. But what you may not have expected is how mundane it might initially feel. That is because you’re in the uncomfortable phase of having nearly outgrown your shell, readying to start letting it crack all around you. Freedom is on the other side! For now, feel into what you most want. Where would you like to be 13 months from now? How do you want to feel then? Make your daily actions those that move you in that direction. And aside from that? Get comfortable. Buy yourself delicious new sheets, put up art that inspires you, make your home a protective sanctuary. A hair mask while you plot your rise never hurts. You’ll need that as a base while you go out and expand beyond your wildest dreams.

Best days: December 7th and 20th
Affirmation: This is just the beginning.
Freedom stone: Turquoise


There may have been some political intrigue amidst your social circles in recent weeks, including the sudden resurfacing of past contacts. Circumstances are still unfolding so be patient, have boundaries, and don’t be a gossip. Focus on your own personal growth, healthy glow, and success instead, both full-time projects for you now with Saturn in your sign. You’re stripping away the excess projects, experiences, and acquaintances to get to what is essential and true for you. This month can actually be very healing if you take your active mind and use it to journal, go to therapy, and create grounding rituals for yourself. You’re seeing into your psyche and letting the light in. Ambition is a given for you, and you have great astrology for that too, just remember to spend time with your soul too.

Best days: December 1st and 28th
Affirmation: The best things take time.
Friendship crystal: White Aventurine


You’ve been through the fire in recent months and challenges pushed you to become a more defined, resilient, and assertive You. Now your gaze turns toward what can make you more comfortable. No self-care is too indulgent now! Run luxurious baths, self-massage with delicious scented oils, and carve out time to simply rest. Money is on your mind too and you can hustle up cash if you need it, so these may be working holidays for you, and it’s not a bad idea if extra money brings you some peace of mind. Friends, connections, new business contacts are your everything right now. Go to parties, invite promising people on coffee dates, and generally get into your super shiny social self. Blessings come through community now. Including new lovers.

Best days: December 1st and 20th
Affirmation: I am here for an important reason.
Self-love crystal: Kunzite


You may be a gentle creature, Pisces, but that doesn’t mean you’re not ambitious. Your dreams just have a different flavour. If there were ever a time to trust in those dreams, to bet on them fully, to bring your whole self into the spotlight to receive the reward for all your hard work, it’s now. That could honestly be as literal as today, but if you don’t feel ready right now, then it’s time to at least be opening up to how big you can be professionally, aesthetically, and creatively. The skies are lit for your success so long as what you pursue doesn’t make you more confined. If it makes your world wider, it’s for you. Could all this inspiration being a renewed romantic landscape? Yes. Owning your talents and magnetism is sexy.

Best days: December 7th and 21st
Affirmation: I am excited to be seen.
Success crystal: Green aventurine

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