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Suzi Q and Leo Siboni

Immerse yourself in a mesmerising 3D world of contortions and distortions

In an exclusive shoot for Dazed Beauty, photographic duo Suzie Q and Leo Siboni created Pulp, a series of works inspired by distortions, contortions, glitches and compressions.

PhotographyDazed Beauty

“We wanted something more suggestive than narrative so viewers can be in something emotional between beauty and something more violent,” says photographers Suzie Q and Leo Siboni “or at least disturbing.”

In a shoot inspired by distortions, contortions, glitches and compressions, the French photographic duo, who have also worked on campaigns for brands like Fendi and Stella McCartney, as well as a long-running collaboration with Yung Lean, wanted to create the feeling of pages in a magazine, using 3D to give volume to a flat surface. “For us, beauty is a playground where we try to discover new aesthetics.”

Photographers: Suzie Q & Leo Siboni @ Onirim 
Stylist: Tereza Ortiz @ LundLund
Casting: Sydney Bowen @ Streeters
Hair: Gilles Degivry @ Artlist
Makeup: Satoko @ Artlist 
Photo Assistant: Corinne Mutrelle 
Stylist Assistant: Alma Helgesson 
Contortionist: Laure Hennequart Turner 
Models: Maty and Sarah @ Girl Mgmt 

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