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Your monthly beauty horoscope: November, 2018

TextEmily Heather PriceIllustrationBridget Meyne

This month sees a shift toward buoyancy and curiosity, thanks to Jupiter moving house and the last Mercury Retrograde of the year

We’re all in luck! This month, generous Jupiter moves into his home sign of Sagittarius ready to shower us in increased cash flow and opportunity for a lush 13 months. To do: focus on what you’d like to see get bigger in your life, dream up some future travel plans, soak up the fresh optimism, and splash out on that new Fenty Fairy bomb you’ve been eyeing up, because it’s time to shine. After a super deep and underbelly-revealing year of Jupiter in Scorpio, this is a welcome shift toward buoyancy, curiosity, and enjoyment. Happy Birthday to all our Scorpio Sun signs and our Sagittarians as well later in the month! This will be a delicious time to start your next trip around the Sun. We also begin the final few months of Uranus in Aries (for another 84 years!) plus the last Mercury Retrograde of the year starts mid-month. Read up on what this all means for your sign!


The next few months remind you that you’re not the same Aries you were in 2010, before Uranus spent nearly eight years influencing your sign. You see how far you’ve come and now you can fully own it. You’ve always been a wayward soul, but that long planetary transit earned you a new superpower: not being afraid to get weird. So try on this angel’s breath iridescent lip topper and consider dying your hair slime green. It’s your time to get your words and creations out there at a wider level, abandoning defunct philosophies and paradigms. The recent influx of texts-from-an-ex recedes mid-month when your true powers of love and intimacy are restored. Save your most important flirtations and friend dates for the last two weeks of November, and enjoy!

Best dates: November 6, 15, 27

Monthly Toolkit:

Power scent: Glossier You, clean, warm, and simple

Nightly ritual: Coconut Oil Body Polish to leave you sweet and renewed

Protection: A simple weekly salt bath with Himalayan Pink Salt to clear old energy and shield from bad vibes


Others may be slowing down for the holiday season, but for you a full year of Get Your Money Up energy starts now, so make a plan and get ready to receive. Stay alert for patrons of the arts, sponsors, benefactors, and those who want to support you in the coming year. After a strange month of your ruler Venus in retrograde, with zombie ex reappearances and feeling perhaps a bit less invigorated, your full glow and powers of seduction return mid-month, helping you hustle up some cash or encounter an inspiring flirtation while going about your daily routine. Up your love prospects magically by sprinkling some Ylang Ylang oil on your mattress and enhance that glow with this glistening Marc Jacobs glow stick. You are the most change-bound sign in 2019, so the next few months are last call for old ghosts and lingering fears. It’s time to shake them off for good.

Best days: November 8, 14, 15, 22

Monthly Toolkit:

Power scent: Viktor + Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar, because it’s good for you to smell warm and sweet this month

Healing crystal: Rhodocrosite for love in all forms

Must-have makeup: Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette for added vibrancy


Your ruler Mercury does its final retrograde of 2018 this month, and you find yourself inventorying past loves and business partnerships. This is actually good because the coming year has potent Soulmate energy for you, the most magical one for mating and collaborating you’ve had in the past 12 years, so brush up on your relationship fluency in advance. This is the perfect time to release the old (exfoliate and visualize past challenges getting washed down the drain for extra help with this) and decide what you do want. Your prospects for merging talents or falling in love are incredible, so make a wish! You thrive on being inspired (try diffusing lemon and rosemary essential oils to keep you stimulated), and this month can give you that, so long as you’re willing to slow down a bit as your ruler Mercury stations retrograde mid-month. The second half of the month is ideal for writing and cooking up creative projects, too.

Best days: November 2, 12-15, 21

Monthly Toolkit:

Healing crystal: Ulexite, for visioning and enhancing imagination

Nightly ritual: Restore and nourish with a Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Hydro-Gel Mask

Power scent: Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous to channel your inner powers


Significant career prospects are brewing for you so don’t sleep on them. We do have Mercury Retrograde this month, which means you should ideally wait to sign contracts or finalize negotiations, but this is more about Big Picture preparation for a year of enhanced cash flow and enticing work opportunities. Strange and surprising encounters help this along. Your relationship philosophy is definitely quality over quantity at the moment, and the second half of the month brings a returned sweetness to your homelife and important connections. It’s an ideal time for home-cooked meals, lush, creamy baths, and a rosy glow. Invite someone dear to you over for dinner and bring a new, beautiful object into your home to enhance prosperity.

Best days: November 5, 13, 28

Monthly Toolkit:

Healing crystal: Tiger’s Eye to help you harness the powers of the universe

Nightly ritual: Caudalie Night Infusion Cream to brighten and firm the complexion

Power scent: Byredo Gypsy Water to bring you back to nature


Passion reignites and ideas are fertile, so get in the studio, your journal, or wherever you need to be to create. This is just the beginning of an entire year of inspiration ahead. You may notice people suddenly looking extra good and available too. Your seduction prospects are excellent so go out, indulge, and smell as good as possible. The second half of the month has you revisiting old ideas or projects, which could be very productive, and some texts from (or to) an ex are quite likely as well.  Your reinvigorated creative spark can take you to a whole other level now as you finish off the artistic or intellectual evolution of the past seven years and come out on top in 2019.

Best days: November 6, 15, 27

Monthly Toolkit:

Hair necessity: Living Proof Dry Volume Blast because big hair will mean big things for you

Healing crystal: Rose quartz for connection and love

Nightly ritual: The Ordinary Rosehip Oil for the smoothest, calmest skin


Get comfortable! This month begins a year of enhanced coziness, abundance, and feeling at home in the world. Your ruler Mercury stations retrograde mid-month so momentum may slow a bit, but your prosperity prospects and overall feelings of self love are enhanced, so just be patient and call on your exceptional powers of adaptability. Be extra kind to yourself by taking baths with lavender essential oil and giving yourself a sweet nightly skin ritual. Redecorate a bit to enhance your luck, tossing out anything that reminds you of less happy times. This is the perfect month to get your ducks in a row so you start 2019 off as organized and on top of it all as you always love to be.

Best dates: November 6, 18, and 25

Monthly Toolkit:

Power scent: Creed Fleurs de Gardenia, as uplifting and as spotless as you are

Healing crystal: Clear Quartz because sometimes simple is best. Carry for clarity or use when you need a psychic rinse

Must-have makeup: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre Ibiza Nights to enhance your inner glow


You’re magnetic this month! Your gorgeous ruler Venus is in your sign, making you even more stunning than usual. Harness this by giving yourself a rose gold glow.  It becomes incredibly clear, especially in the second half of the month, just how much your relationship paradigm has evolved in recent years. You don’t need a partner anymore, but you might want one, and your romance prospects are excellent. Your Libran powers of communication will be extra potent in the year ahead. Buy a new journal to enhance this magic. Take downtime to write and do a Bubblesheet Mask. Clear clutter from your inbox and social media for maximum effect. Mercury retro temporarily slows things down, but your daily reality will soon be juicier than ever.

Best dates: November 15, 20, 27

Monthly Toolkit:

Protection: Dori Midnight’s Boundaries in a Bottle to protect your precious space and energy

Power scent: Escentric Molecules 04 to bring you back to your centre

Healing crystal: Aquamarine to enhance your powers of communication


Take the New Moon in Scorpio on the 7th to celebrate the amazing growth and magic that’s happened in the past year. You and your projects are blooming. It’s time to double-down on your self-worth. Raise your rates. Do some money manifestation and beauty restoration all at once with a daily gold serum. Get ready for opportunities that offer you more in exchange for your talents. Use Mercury Retrograde in the second half of the month to clarify your gameplan. After a long summer with your ruler Mars retrograde, you’re now back at full power and fortifying the foundation of your life. The side benefit to feeling so good about yourself? Attracting higher quality lovers, collaborators, and investors. Own and enhance your shine.

Best dates: November 10, 12, 25

Monthly Toolkit:

Must-have makeup: Fenty Galaxy Palette to enhance your otherworldliness

Power scent: Replica Dancing on the Moon by Maison Margiela to connect you with your dreams

Nightly ritual: Secret Arts Bath Bomb to harness your darker powers


You may already sense this, Sagittarius, but this is your time to blaze bright. It’s time to expand, believe, and receive. Mercury Retrograde in the second half of the month is well-timed, as you use it to edit or overhaul your aesthetic to be more compatible with the future you’re wanting to bring in. Declutter your closet, keeping only the things you love now for extra magical effect. Toss out makeup you never use anymore and replace with a bright new essential that boosts your confidence. Especially in the second half of the month, let friends introduce you to promising contacts or romantic interests.

Best dates: November 6, 14, 22

Monthly Toolkit:

Must-have makeup: Bleach London Glitterati for added shine

Healing crystal: Carnelian to keep your passion burning

Power scent: Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne, to a evoke a sense of freedom


Your home life and sense of stability finally settle down early next year, but for now you’re seeing the culmination of the evolution that’s taken place since 2010. Your reputation has gotten a boost in recent weeks and will continue to throughout the month, especially the last two weeks. Your mind has a tendency to turn to old fears or worries, so this is the perfect time for a moment of self care; therapy, exercise and firming face masks. Investing in your well-being pays off massively, perhaps even in cash as your earning powers are also growing. Hustling harder feels good now.

Best dates: November 8, 15, 27

Monthly Toolkit:

Must-have makeup: Illamasqua Aura for added luminosity

Healing crystal: Black Tourmaline to protect from negativity

Nightly ritual: Glossier Moon Mask to keep you incredibly soft


You’ve been in warrior mode since May and it’s about to pay off. The summer was a makeover of sorts. First, make a new habit of relaxing with a nourishing bath. Then, your top priority is to socialize! Flaunt your more seductive looks and shades while you do it.. Expanding your friend networks is not only easier than ever in the coming months but it will bring a profound positive ripple effect to all areas of your life. Later in the month, especially, you’re likely to run into old friends or even hear from exes which is fine as long as you know who to make time for and who to leave in the past. It’s also a solid month to get your creative work in front of more eyes, or take a trip that enriches you in some way. Invest in people and things that make your world bigger.

Best dates: November 4, 20, 27

Monthly Toolkit:

Must-have makeup: Nyx Liquid Suede Cream in Run The World, rich and intense

Power scent: Kat Von D Saint, soft and alluring

Nightly ritual: The Body Shop Shea Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub to keep you glowing


Not sure how to say this but… you might get famous soon, Pisces. Your reputation and current body of work will be in the spotlight, so take extra care with what you’re putting out into the world, put your best face forward, and feel deserving of the opportunities that come your way. Last month had some good money-making opportunities but perhaps they were moving slowly or stalled out. Now, the second half of this month, financial flow eases again.  This is an amazing time to practice saying ‘yes’, although save contract signings for December. Some really excellent love and lust prospects arrive alongside your growing success.

Best dates: November 12, 15, 18-21

Monthly Toolkit:

Must-have makeup: Nars Orgasm to give you an intimate glow

Nightly ritual: Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon for maximum skin healing

Healing crystal: Amethyst to release bad habits and sharpen intuition

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