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Strange and sumptuous beauty still lifes from ECAL

TextDazed Beauty

In partnership with Novembre magazine, here we publish the mesmerising product shots created by photography students at the prestigious Swiss art school

ECAL is a prestigious art and design school in Switzerland where Dazed Beauty Contributing Editor Florence Tétier of Novembre teaches Photography BA with her partner Nicolas Coulomb. For six years, their course has worked with students around the themes of beauty, the body, and diversity and people in general. They usually publish the resultant work in Novembre magazine (see last year's here) but in addition this year they have decided to share the outcome with us at Dazed Beauty.

The shoot below was the students' response to a challenge set by Tétier and Coulomb: they were given a recipe, a literal recipe – like pizza, paella, or caesar salad – and they had to follow, or rather unfollow the recipe, reinterpreting it with the use of make-up and skin products. 

"It’s been six years and I never get tired of teaching at ECAL," says Tétier, "It’s one of the highlights of the year, really. I teach there but also the students teach me a lot. It sounds corny but it’s true and every year it gets better. It’s super rewarding when you see that the students are proud of the result, after long weeks of hard work, debate and sweat."

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