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Masc Week (Mars)

How to channel your Mars energy

TextAmelia QuintIllustrationCallum Abbott

Named after the Roman god of war, it’s the cosmic equivalent of BDE

Welcome to Behind The Masc: Rethinking Masculinity, a campaign dedicated to exploring what ‘masculinity’ means in 2019. With photo stories shot in Tokyo, India, New York, and London and in-depth features exploring mental health, older bodybuilders, and myths around masculinity – we present all the ways people around the world are redefining traditional tropes.

If you’re curious about astrology, you’ve probably heard someone mention ‘Mars energy’ once or twice. It might sound mysterious, but it’s actually pretty simple! The first thing you need to know? There’s so much more to your horoscope than just your sun sign AKA your star sign. In fact, every planet has its own special meaning and projects a certain kind of energy that shapes how you express yourself.

Named after the Roman god of war, the planet Mars represents vitality, activity, and desire thought to be related to the survival instinct. Historically, astrologers have associated Mars with the masculine principle. It’s how you fight and conquer, so when you’re fearlessly going after what you want both in love and your career, that’s Mars energy at work. Basically, Mars is the cosmic equivalent of BDE.

But as with all passionate feelings, there can be downsides. Mars energy can be reckless or even toxic if you let it go too far, just like masculinity itself. Luckily, there are plenty of positive ways to channel it, including exercise, dance, and sexuality. Any time you can get your blood pumping and heart racing will help you integrate this energy further into your life. You can also honour it in your beauty rituals. Below we explore how. 

Not sure what your Mars sign is? Look it up here. It shows where the planet was at the exact moment you were born and reveals how you take action. 

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