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Win tickets to the launch party of The Unseen’s make-up for the metaverse

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Featuring performances by Yeule and Lucinda Chau, and a DJ set from BABii

Material science and design studio The Unseen has been revealing to the world what it cannot see and distorting our perception of reality since its inception in 2014, through a blend of science and tech innovation. Last October, the brand launched THE UNSEEN Beauty and now founder Lauren Bowker will premiere the world’s first dual-reality make-up, Spectra, its own amorphous make-up for the metaverse.

To celebrate the launch, Bowker will feature in a panel discussion on the reality of the beauty industry in London later this month (April 28), aiming to “set the myths, methods, and materials of the beauty industry on fire”.

Industry experts – also including musician Yeule, writer Ellen Atlanta and makeup artist Dominic Skinner – will discuss the influence of conglomerates on what we put on our face, how to tackle the toxicity of social media, issues surrounding sustainability, the metaverse, and much more.

The official launch will also be accompanied by live performances from Yeule and Lucinda Chua, as well as a DJ set from BABii, and performances from dancers wearing make-up looks created by @makeupbrutalism.

Want to get involved? You’re in luck – Dazed is giving away a limited number of free tickets to the evening event.

Sign up for your chance to attend The Unseen’s launch below.

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