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Frozen cucumber is TikTok’s latest hack for glowy, hydrated skin

TextHannah Bertolino

According to the treatment’s creator, icing skin with the vegetable will reduce dark circles, help with acne, and promotes hydration

With cinnamon oil lip-plumpers, salt water acne scar treatments, and £9 botox in a bottle filling up our For You Pages – DIY beauty TikTok seems to be our go-to for at-home, low cost skincare. The app’s latest treatment is probably sitting on the shelf of our refrigerators.

The ‘frozen cucumber’ hack, which users claim makes dull skin glow, sees users popping a whole cucumber in the freezer, then using it to ice their faces for 10 to 15 minutes as you would with a gua sha facial massager. Usually, this is done in the morning after cleansing and is followed up with moisturiser and SPF as normal – although, some users like to do the treatment at night as well. 

According to Alexa Loebel, the TikToker credited with starting the trend, icing with a frozen cucumber gives skin a “dewy glow, reduces redness and pores, and helps with acne, dark circles, and hydration”. Loebel’s TikToks see her using the DIY treatment when she’s hungover or has breakouts.

Now, TikTok’s #FrozenCucumberHack hashtag has reached over 12 million views on the app, filled with users sharing their own experiences. One user under the hashtag, Emma Freece, claimed that the hack made her fine lines less noticeable after icing for 17 days straight. She also shared that she cuts the end of the cucumber each day in order to prevent bacteria. 


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In an interview with Refinery29, doctor and director of Joyful Skin clinic, Dr Kemi Fabusiwa, explains that cucumber has always been a popular skincare ingredient because of its cooling effect and high levels of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). When used continuously, this could brighten skin, increase collagen levels, and help skin fight environmental aggressors, such as pollution. 

Continuing, the doctor suggests that eating cucumber would be a safer way to see these benefits. “This is because of the high levels of acids in some foods, which can cause significant irritation if used inappropriately,” she said.

Similarly, popular TikToker doctor, Dr. Karan Raj, debunked the trend on the app. “Frozen cucumber has a high water content, so (it) might help hydrate skin if you eat it. Well hydrated skin will look more full, but to do this properly drink enough water,” he said. “The ice in the frozen cucumber might cause blood vessels on the skin’s surface (to) constrict, temporarily reducing puffiness or redness… IMO it’s better to eat the cucumber instead.” Time to make a salad, we guess?


Day 7 of icing with a frozen cucumber & I definitely recommend you try it out! @alexaraeloebel 💚 #skincaretips #frozencucumberhack #dewyskin #glowup

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best thing I’ve ever done for my skin. RUN don’t walk ##frozencucumberhack ##skincareroutine

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