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Say goodbye to acne with TikTok’s latest skincare hack: salt water

TextSofia Mahirova

The sea salt and water concoction is said to get rid of acne and reduce redness

While the pandemic might have put any hot girl summer plans on pause, TikTok has found a simple solution to your acne woes, and thankfully, it’s pretty accessible.

Last month, TikTok user @leacrylics shared that she has started a routine that she claims gets rid of her acne, pimples, and redness. The solution? Salt water.

“I’ve been struggling (with acne) since I was eleven,” @leacrylics said on TikTok. “I noticed every single time I swim at the beach and go into the ocean and my skin clears completely, so I bought sea salt off Amazon.”

“I mix a teaspoon of sea salt with half a cup of warm water, make the exact same ratio as the ocean, then I just spray it on my face every night… I’m about to start my period and you can see, no breakouts.”


and this makes so much sense. sea salt is healing. ##acne ##clearskin ##seasalt ##fyp

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With over 4.4 million views, the video has prompted a legion of TikTokers to try out the method. @leacrylics has even posted follow-up videos, so you can track her clear skin journey in real-time. 

But before you dismiss it as just another off-kilter TikTok trend (see: dry scooping and fake tan lips), there’s science to back it up. Salt is a natural cleanser, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, balancing oil production, and removing clogged pores. Besides, you can also run it through your hair for tossled, beachy waves.


been trying out @leacrylics diy sea salt spray for acne and ive seen such a huge difference!! ill update in a week or two!! #seasalt #acne #skincare

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🥲thank u for posting that @leacrylics

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