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Porsche Poon Valentino Beauty
Porsche Poon for Valentino Beauty

Valentino Beauty 3 ways: how to create versatile looks for all occasions

TextAlex Peters

To celebrate the launch of Valentino’s new cosmetics range, three make-up artists demonstrate how they express themselves with the collection

When it comes to beauty, Valentino has always struck a balance between the exquisiteness of luxury and the irreverence of rebellion. Across its couture collections, models have walked the runway with hair as sleek and lustrous as you would expect, but then teased to the high heavens, exaggerated to camp proportions. Delicate flower petals were given a twist when they were transformed into showstopping lashes. And in the SS17 show, we got our first glimpse at the fashion powerhouse’s Go-Clutch, a brief but thrilling preview of a long-awaited beauty must-have.

With such an eye and clear respect for the craft of beauty, it’s surprising Valentino hasn’t launched cosmetics until now. But at last the house is providing more than just sumptuous inspiration for your beauty looks – it is providing the goods themselves. Dreamt up by creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino’s 13-product make-up collection combines the aesthetic, individuality, and craft of couture with the house’s bold, boundary-pushing spirit in an expansive range that encompasses 40 shades of foundation, 50 shades of lipsticks, and multiple multi-use eye products, all housed in the most luxurious, glossy ‘Valentino Rosso’ red packaging.

“Beauty is directly connected to the intensity of our feelings, the more we love, the more we are connected to our true self, the more it shows and glows on the outside,” says Piccioli. “Valentino beauty is for the dreamers.”

Championing experimentation, creativity, and self-expression, the products in this collection have been designed to celebrate identity and individuality with no boundaries. The range of shades is extensive and inclusive, many of the products are refillable, and the formulations are created to be multi-functional and open to all possibilities. Working closely with Valentino Beauty’s Global Make-Up Artist, Raoul Alejandre, the cosmetics line has been crafted to embody the “triple technique” application method, meaning many of the products can be used in three different ways: for a subtle look, a signature look, and a statement look. 

To demonstrate the endless possibilities and creative potential of the collection, three make-up artists from within the Dazed Beauty community have taken on the challenge of creating a look that represents each of these techniques. 


After prepping her skin with V-Lighter, a primer and highlighter infused with hyaluronic, and Very Valentino foundation in Shade LA5, Grace Ellington took the Rosso Valentino Lipstick in 305A Nightfall Rebel and applied it to her eyelids, cheeks, and lips to create a soft harmonious look that she assures is “subtle but not boring”. A tiny touch of a pink in the Ambra warm tone on the centre of her lips added brightness and dimension. 

Following brows, lashes, and a quick tightline with the double-ended Twin Liner, Ellington completed the look with the Dreamdust Lip and Cheek Loose Shimmer on her lids for a glittering finishing touch. “The sparkle of the eye catches the light just enough to make the eyes feel bigger and balance the lipstick,” she explains. The final look is subtle, easy, and can be touched up anytime – just throw your lipstick in your bag and you are ready to go. 


Taking things up a notch, make-up artist Emily Wood created a signature black smokey eye – a look she describes as “sexy, sleepy, post-night out lids”. The almost glossy texture of the eyeshadow from the Colour Flip 8-colour Eye Palette makes achieving a luxe look easy, while the Twin Liner is effortlessly manipulated and played with without the time pressure because of its longer set time, to look exactly how you dream. “The shadows are the perfect hybrid,” she says. “They apply like a cream making them easy to blend, but they have the longevity of a powder.”

Wood then added zest to her smokey eye with a shimmering top coat from the Colour Flip Palette while layering up on the Magnificent Mascara to inject some drama and rock chic. Lastly the Eye2Cheek Dual Use Blush and Eyeshadow powder gives the perfect finishing flush.


For his statement look, Porsche Poon took inspiration from Valentino’s signature red 22A shade. “The first thing that comes to mind when you think statement look is a red lip, but I knew I needed to ‘go big or go home’ Valentino style if I wanted to make a proper statement,” says Poon. To start off the complementary pink-toned eye, he first went in with the Rosso Valentino Lipstick in 403A Fierce Orange before adding a layer of Eye2Cheek powder in Shade 7, Orange Delight. Influenced by all the vibrant blushes in the collection, he then created a bold, sweeping blush look using the Eye2Cheek powder in Shade 2, Very Rose before finishing it off with the most iconic Valentino red in Shade 22A, Rosso Valentino for the lips. 

It’s a bold look but one that doesn’t need to be saved for the biggest parties or wildest nights. “Make-up is a way to express yourself so I personally think this look can be worn casually daily,” as Poon says. Express yourself! 

The Valentino Beauty collection is available from Selfridges here. Read Dazed Beauty’s review of the collection here.

Producer Lauren Ford

Art Director Kat Jenkins

Project Manager Victoria Dezanche

Projects Executive Florence Reddington

Director John Ford

Camera Sarah Merjaneh

Gaffer Kit Page

Camera Gareth Young

Camera Duncan Lewis

Production Joe Paton

Stylist Rebecca Perlmutar

Hair Stylist Abra Kennedy

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