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Lizzie McGuire
Lizzie McGuire

A ColourPop x Lizzie McGuire make-up collab is here

TextAlex Peters

Calling all outfit repeaters

If your preteen years were filled with Groovy Chick, hair glitter, and Gelly Roll pens (AKA if Gen Z would consider you old), then you will probably be interested in ColourPop’s latest collaboration. The brand has just revealed a new collection inspired by everyone’s favourite television BFF Lizzie McGuire. “Grab your ankle bracelet, hair crimper, and butterfly clips… it's time for some outfit repeating,” ColourPop wrote on Instagram to announce the news.   

The collection, which will be sure to capture millennial nostalgia with its flowery designs featuring Lizzie’s cartoon mini-me, will be available from March 26 and includes an eyeshadow palette, a lip scrub, plumping lip glosses which are very Juicy Tube, glitter gels, and blush. The lip products are, of course, bubblegum flavoured and everything is named for characters or sayings from the show – think Sing to Me Paolo and Don’t Freak

Like last year’s Sailor Moon collab, this collection taps into millennial yearning for the simpler times of their childhood and many people are very excited. “You telling me ColorPop Cosmetics is about to make my childhood fantasy come true?” wrote one enthusiastic fan on Twitter, while another took to all caps to say “IM GONNA PASS OUT.” 

The collection will come as somewhat of a consolation for Lizzie fans disappointed by the cancellation of the reboot which was set to follow Hilary Duff’s Lizzie as she navigated life and love in her thirties and included much of the original cast. 

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