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James Charles grooming accusations snapchat TikTok

James Charles responds to allegations he groomed a 16-year-old

TextDazed Beauty

The beauty influencer said the accusations are ‘completely false’

If you cast your minds back to the biggest drama of 2019 – the feud between James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star, and seemingly every other beauty influencer in some way or the other – you’ll remember that Westbrook accused James of inappropriate behaviour, claims we now know were entirely fabricated. 

However, new allegations against the beauty influencer and YouTuber have now arisen. On Friday, Isaiyah (who is believed to be 16), posted a now-deleted video on TikTok that appeared to show James sending him sexually explicit messages and images on Snapchat. 

Over the weekend, the deleted video was circulated on Twitter. James has now responded to the allegations in a statement posted to his Twitter. He says the claims are “completely false” and that Isaiyah lied about his age, saying he was 18. 

He suggests that he had an “ulterior motive” by filming the interactions on another device and that when he was suspicious of his intentions, asked for his age again, and found out he was 16. He claims that he removed him as a friend shortly after and promises in future to ask for ID when 

However, Isaiyah reponded to James’s statement with a different version of events. He says that he never asked for his age and when it was revealed he was only 16, the influencer said it didn’t matter and still requested explicit pictures. 

Read James’s full statement below. 

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