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Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is the new creative director of Bad Habit skincare

TextAlex Peters

The YouTuber has been frank about her acne journey and past bad skincare behaviours

Quite why celebrities have, en masse, decided they are qualified to found and run skincare brands is, to be honest, a mystery. But decided they have and in the last few years we’ve seen launches from everyone including Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Pharrell, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Millie Bobby Brown and hints recently from Lady Gaga.

Next to join the list is influencer Emma Chamberlain who has just been announced as creative director and global brand ambassador for new skincare brand Bad Habit.

Bad Habit comes from the parent company of Morphe, Forma Brands, and launches this week as a “hybrid skin-care wellness brand” developed for Gen Z and young Millennials that have “stressed-out skin.” The brand will launch with 10 products across two categories: daily essentials, a two-step regimen for morning and night, and quick fix treatments meant to treat specific “bad habits” such as dehydration and lack of sleep. All products will be priced at under $30.

“I’ve always been really open about acne, and period problems, and my mental health, and all of that,” Chamberlain said in a Zoom press conference. “That's always been really easy for me to talk about. I don't exactly know why, (it) probably leads back to something with my childhood that went right.”

Over the last fews years Chamberlain has witnessed huge success, amassing 9.7 million YouTuber followers and 11.6 million Instagram followers and was last year tapped by Louis Vuitton to create a video for the label's cruise 2020 show. With this new venture, she is hoping to bring teens the brand that was missing when she was younger and dealing with acne.

“I felt totally lost when it came to skin care. I couldn’t connect to any brands or products because they all were expecting perfection,” she says. “Bad Habit is me in a skincare brand – it’s honest, unapologetic and realistic about the fact that life is far from perfect.”

Bad Habit launches online and at Ulta Beauty on December 27.

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