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Erika Bowes Lara McGrath
Lara McGrath, make-up David GillersPhotography Erika Kamano

When everything is a mess, get messy with your make-up

In a new photostory, photographer Erika Kamano teams with Lara McGrath and Davis Gillers to explore creativity in crisis

From crisis comes creativity. When everything is “just one big mess,” as photographer Erika Kamano puts it, why not throw out the rulebook and push the limits of your creative expression. 

Kamano has teamed up with model and muse Lara McGrath and make-up artist David Gillers on a new shoot that explores the idea of make-up and mess. Taking inspiration from an old Steven Meisel story for Vogue Italia called 'Haute Mess’, the team played with bold, contrasting colours, and distorted proportions. As Kamano says, isolation has been a time for everyone to “rethink who they are and how they want to be perceived.”

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