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Joe Biden beauty brand us election president

Biden Beauty wants you to vote blue at the upcoming US election

TextDominic Cadogan

A group of anonymous industry insiders have launched the new brand in support of Joe Biden’s presidential run

After last night’s trainwreck of a presidential debate – no, will you shut up man – you probably thought there weren’t any more ways that the ongoing run for US president could surprise you. 

Well, hold on to your beauty blenders because it seems that while simultaneously running for president, Joe Biden is also making waves in the beauty industry. OK, so not quite, but today has seen the launch of Biden Beauty – an anonymously founded brand that is urging young beauty fanatics to vote blue in the election on November 3. 

“Meet BIDEN Beauty – the most influential influencer beauty brand of the year. Inspired by the mantra: ‘America is Beautiful,’ we’re merging beauty and politics with this brand that pushes forward a message of diversity, inclusivity and agency within the beauty communities – and beyond,” reads a post on the brand’s Instagram account. “BIDEN Beauty is all about your face beat ready to beat out orange!” 

On the brand’s website, the only current beauty offering is a blue beauty blender, but other merch includes a tote, hoodie, and badges too. Along with motivational messages, information on voter registration, and statistics on how young people can impact the election, the brand also has a list of resources for futher education. 

“Voting is crucial and statistics show that Gen Z (those born between 1996 and 2015) can make or break this election,” it says. “We have the opportunity to change this, America! Let’s empower ourselves to sign up to vote. Let’s encourage our friends and family to get to the polls. Let’s rise together and get our nation back on track.” 

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