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WAP (2020)

All the hot girl looks to copy in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’

TextAlex Peters

From Cardi's chainlink hair to tiger print for Meg, all the fire beauty looks from the video

Megan Thee Stallion is having a great week and she deserves it. Fresh off the announcement that she is Revlon’s latest brand ambassador and the news that she is working on a screenplay, the rapper has just dropped her new single and music video “WAP” with Cardi B.

As soon as the “WAP” single art was unveiled earlier this week with Cardi and Megan rocking the most flawless, sumptuous updos this side of BAPS, we knew we were in for a beauty treat. But what we were gifted exceeds expectations. Not since Beyonce’s Black is King (seven days ago) and Missy Elliot’s “Throw it Back” (a bit longer ago) has a music video offered up such a visual feast of beauty looks. 

From baby pink talons to tiger print hair, Cardi and Megan are head to toe fierce courtesy of the beauty team including hairstylist Tokyo Stylez, make-up artist Erika Roman, and nail artist Jenny Bui for Cardi and Kellon Deryck and Coca Michelle on hair and nails for Megan. She, of course, did her own make-up for the video.

Here are the best beauty moments.


In the opening moments of the video, before we’ve even entered the hallowed halls of Cardi and Megan’s mansion, we get a glimpse of a fountain with a statue of the rappers complete with their single cover 90s updos. A hairstyle that good deserves to be set in stone. 


With her love of long, bejewelled talons well known, it's not surprising that even with gloves on, Cardi B would rock a manicured set. On this occasion, the nails are baby pink, razor sharp, and encrusted with pearls. Brings back early lockdown memories of Mei Kawajiri's quaratine set.


Matching and contrasting in purple and green, Cardi’s slime green nails perfectly complement her outfit and half-and-half hair, while Megan’s aqua-purple wig is offset by her lime eye look. It’s a little bit Charlie and the Chocolate factory, a little bit the Joker. 


Instantly iconic, Cardi rocks a supersized chain link pony masterpiece courtesy of Tokyo Stylez. Even amidst the leopard print decked-out room complete with leopard print chairs, leopard print wallpaper, and leopard, the hair stands out. And Cardi of course pairs it with a leopard print ensemble including gloves with leopard print talons attached. 


The tiger to Cardi’s leopard, Megan rocks a white and black tiger-print colour scheme in her room of the mansion. Her long hair is printed with an ombre tiger stripe pattern that matches the rest of the decor and the tiger in the corner. 


The “WAP” video features a number of surprise cameos – some more popular than others – including one from Normani who shows up looking Parisian chic in a white and black houndstooth ensemble with matching elbow length gloves, beret, and a retro flip hairstyle.


Another guest of the Hot Girl fun house is singer Rosalía who goes all out in a red latex bodysuit, a scarlet braided hat that blends seamlessly with her hair and her signature talons which are decorated with little dangling charms.  

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