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Clueless (1995)

Clueless is still influencing our beauty looks 25 years on

TextAlex Peters

Bring on the yellow tartan

This month, Clueless turns 25 years old. As if! Writer and director Amy Heckerling’s satirical, loving, endlessly quotable take on Beverly Hills teenagers in the 90s, Clueless gave us so many moments that have endured in our collective cultural consciousness. Cher in her canary tweeds. The girls in their monochrome PE ensembles. Brittany Murphy’s character of Tai’s devastating takedown: ‘You’re just a virgin who can’t drive.’ 

While it’s the high fashion sartorial swagger that the film is often remembered for, the beauty can’t be forgotten. The perfect 90s nude lips, Dionne’s flower-embellished braids, Amber matching her eye make-up to every one of her bonkers outfits which range from a Pan Am flight attendant get-up to a tiered lilac tutu.

(In case you were wondering, thanks to Lisa Eldridge’s interview with Alan Friedman, the Emmy award winning make-up artist who worked on the movie, we know that Cher’s lip shades come courtesy of MAC Cosmetics – specifically a lipstick in ‘Malt’ paired with a lipliner in the shade ‘Raizin’!)

Now 25 years on, and Clueless is still influencing the way we dress, talk and, of course, do our make-up with people taking to Instagram to find and share their inspiration and showcase their creative looks. To celebrate a quarter of a century, we’ve rounded up the best Clueless-inspired beauty looks. Bring on the yellow tartan!

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