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Georgia Jagger
Bleach London

Georgia May Jagger’s step-by-step guide to trimming your split-ends at home

TextAlex Peters

Bleach London wants to help guide you through the DIY hair trimming process

During the past few months of isolation, none of us have had access to a professional hairdresser. Unless you live with a hairdresser in which case I imagine your hair is holding up beautifully. And so, for those of us who haven’t succumbed to the lockdown impulse of shaving off all our hair, our ends are looking a little ragged right now.

While hair salons will be opening up again tomorrow in the UK as part of lockdown restrictions easing, not everyone will feel comfortable or be in a position to pay a visit just yet. Well this one is for all of you. Bleach London has released a step-by-step tutorial on how to give yourself a DIY trim. Featuring Georgia May Jagger, the model guides us through founder Alex Brownsell’s “secret trim” technique to cut off all those dead, split ends.

The first step is to part your hair into four sections with a comb. Once you’ve done that, for each section trim the ends with vertical snips. Then twist the hair which helps reveal splits further up the hair. Trim those. Repeat for each section and voila you’re done. Quick and easy.

Bleach recommends you do this every four to six weeks. In the video, Jagger uses Bleach’s new Trim Kit which comprises stainless steel scissors and a comb, although you can use any hairdressing scissors. Watch the full tutorial below.

If you are looking for a style a little more adventurous, let us guide you through it. Read our step-by-step instructions to the perfect DIY buzzcut here. Our guide to cutting your fringe here. Bleaching your hair here. And caring for your Afro hair here.  

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