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Skincare brand Typology is on a mission to demystify the industry

TextAlex Peters

The ingredient-led brand has just launched in the UK

Skincare consumers are more informed than ever before. Thanks to the internet and social media allowing us to do our research and dig deep into those inkey lists, we have become much more clued up on the ingredients we are slathering all over our face and what they actually do. Brands like The Ordinary and Inkey List have capitalised on this new interest in ingredients, offering stripped down, straightforward products that tell you exactly what you are getting. And now a new brand is continuing this mission to help demystify the often opaque skincare industry.

Typology is a clean, genderless skincare and cosmetics brand founded by Chinese-born, French-raised entrepreneur Ning Li. Launched in France last June, where all the products are also made, the brand has now brought it’s chic, minimalist offerings to the UK where it hopes to promote critical thinking and equip consumers with honest information and a deeper understanding of what they are putting on their face.

Within Typology are six sub-brands each with their own concept and branding. These include the Raw range which consists of single-ingredient products that can be used alone or in conjunction with each other, allowing you to mix and customise your skincare to your individual needs. Lab offers serums with high concentrations of active hero ingredients while Ten features basic skincare products with less than 10 ingredients.

As any new brand launching in the midst of our climate emergency should, Typology favours recyclable materials for its products including the use of glass bottles, aluminium tubes and recyclable plastic. In the future it is hoping to continue to eliminate use of plastic and put into place a process that will recover all packaging to be disinfected, re-filled and reused.

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