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Photography Daniel Roché

Hair today, gone tomorrow: Photos celebrating the on-trend DIY haircut

Photographer Daniel Roché captured his friends transformations in lockdown, while maintaining social distancing

By the time lockdown finally lifts, many of us will be very different people to when we entered it. This might be spiritually or emotionally, but for all of those embarking on DIY hair transformations – be it as small as a fringe trim, or more drastically changing colour, or shaving it all off completely – the change will be more noticeable to your friends, families, and colleagues. 

To document these changes, Berlin-based photographer Daniel Roché enlisted a small group of his friends to feature in a photo project shot during these times of isolation. “I met a guy who had cut his own hair,” Roché explains. “I was impressed that he didn’t care if the cut was perfect or not so became inspired and curious.” 

Making sure he stayed safe and maintained social distancing, the photographer found it a little more difficult building a rapport with those photographed, “but I quickly built a connection”, he explains. Despite not working as collaboratively as life before lockdown, Roché feels more in touch with his creative side than ever before. “The whole experience has brought me closer to myself and I have become more sensitive to little things that inspire me,” he explains. 

Like everyone, Daniel is already looking forward to life after lockdown and the opportunity “to get closer to people again.” In the meantime, browse through his lockdown photo project in the gallery above. 

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