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A DIY dye job beckons: study these technicolour dream hair portraits first

TextDazed Beauty

Because dyeing your own hair never felt so right, so grunge and so gorgeous

For lots of us, this will be the first time in a long time that we’ve been forced to slow down. While the outside world spins at a hazier speed than usual, so too should we. It’s a time for reflection, consideration and at Dazed Beauty – craft. Dyeing your own hair isn’t always advisable, and we’re sure most hairdressers would advise against it, but you know what, we’re living through strange times and it calls for some radical self-care, self-expression and, if available to you, some fun. A few punk cuts and colours are a rite of passage, and if not now, when?

We caught up with photographer Felicity Ingham, a big fan of multicoloured hair herself, about her psychedelic portraits celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of the at-home dye job.

“I shot this theme because hair colour has become part of my identity and I just love bright coloured hair. I love finding exactly the right hair dye. It’s like an experiment,” Felicity explained, “I think that coloured hair can suit anyone, regardless of age, gender or skin tone. You just have to be brave and find the right colour for your mood.”

While a few of the models already had coloured hair, Felicity and the team Erin (make-up) and Tsuki (Hair) added colour to their hair and eyebrows. Felicity is in agreement that isolation is the perfect time for experimentation. “We now have time we didn’t before. If it goes wrong… we don’t need to see anyone until it washes out. Even if you have brown hair, just adding some tangerine dream by Bleach London on your hair, and you’ll have lovely auburn hair for a few weeks before it washes out. And if you’re not feeling brave enough for a dye, there are tons of other options like Hair “makeup” by L’oreal Colourist.” Oh, and don’t forget your brows too. “Maybe we can reconnect with our teenage selves, and emerge with neon coloured hair (and matching eyebrows for the super brave) and dodgy DIY hair cuts.” Amen to that. 

Photographer Felicity Ingram @ Visual Artists, make-up artist Erin Green, hair Tsuki @ Streeters, retouching Dtouch London, special thanks to Rapideye London. Models Aviance, Kcid, Nigel and Issac all @ Strong Worldwide, Kris @ NoAgency.

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