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Missing your brow lady? Benefit’s expert tips for happy isolation eyebrows

TextFelicia Pennant

Have a virtual one-to-one with their national eyebrow expert Laurretta Power

What do your eyebrows say about you right now? Bushy could translate as “too busy working from home” or “can’t be bothered”, while a dramatic slimdown may reflect some understandable anxiety or a ferocious plucking session in isolation. Maybe you’ve finally braved the bleach because now that we can experiment without excuses at home? We’ve been told time and time again how important brows are to frame your face and enhance your features, so a more pressing question is are you happy with them? If the answer’s no and/or you feel like they could be better, and your brow person is out of reach, meet your eyebrow saviour. Laurretta Power is a national brow and make-up artist for Benefit Cosmetics, which has a 50 per cent share of the UK’s booming brow market, now worth £20m. She has been perfecting brows for over 20 years and she’s here to whip yours into shape.


“Where brows should start, arch and finish is universal but a fuller brow is more youthful, and a high arch elongates, perfect for rounder faces. Straighter brows will shorten the look of the face which suits longer, slimmer face shapes.”


“If like me you want to achieve fuller brows, use this time to grow them. Let them go wild then visit your closest Benefit brow bar once we are all up and running again. I’m loving the brow zings kit which gives grown out brows a soft powdered finish.”


“I’d suggest filling in your brows as normal and tweezing around the edge to avoid over-tweezing.Tweezing your brows will take longer (than waxing, threading etc) but will give you the most control over the end result, and reduce the risk of mistakes as you’re only removing minimal hairs at a time. My personal survival brow kit is tint and scissors. I won’t be waxing my brows during this time but will need to tint and trim them to avoid looking like a caveman. Swap brow gels for conditioners like the BROWVO conditioning primer to give them some well deserved love.”


Gimme brow+ is a go-to product for sparse brows. It has fibres that will attach to the smallest of hairs, instantly giving the brow a fuller look. I’m loving the BrowVo conditioning primer which contains soy proteins and keratin, ingredients known to help brows look thicker, healthier and fuller. The primer also conditions and nourish brows while the applicator exfoliates the skin.”


“If you are fair, opt for one or two shades darker than your hair, medium tones stay true to hair shade and for darker complexions, go a shade lighter than your hair. When using a pencil, apply in small hair-like strokes and when perfecting a brow with products, I will always use at least two different products such as a pencil and powder or a gel and pomade. This will give a more natural look adding dimension and texture. The Precisley brow pencil lasts 12 hours and the 24-hour brow setter gel shapes and tames brows and locks on makeup so brows don’t pull a disappearing act.”


“Do a patch test 24 hours before any DIY treatments, then use petroleum jelly on the skin around the brows as a barrier before applying the tint. Mix the tint as per instruction, apply to your brow hair and clean the edges using a Q-tip. Once the suggested time is up, remove it with a damp cotton pad. I wouldn’t suggest leaving any tint or bleach on your brows for longer than five minutes and it can cause breakages. 

“Save yourself the risk and use ka-BROW brow gel. You can brush on rich, buildable colour with this all-in-one eyebrow cream-gel, easily sculpting and defining your brows. I’m not a fan (of eyebrow lines) and would advise against it. But if you want to  rebel all you need are small clippers or facial/brow razors, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

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